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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast

Name Brand Description Access Level
Pancake Mix, Whole Wheat & Honey Krusteaz  
Pancake Mix, Whole Wheat Buttermilk Hodgson Mill  
Pancake Mix, Wholegrain with Flax Seed Maple Grove Farms prepared  
Pancake, Blueberry Aunt Jemima frozen  
Pancake, Blueberry Pillsbury frozen  
Pancake, Blueberry Eggo  
Pancake, Blueberry, Pfr 4'' dia  
Pancake, Buttermilk Eggo frozen round pancakes  
Pancake, Buttermilk Aunt Jemima frozen  
Pancake, Buttermilk Pillsbury frozen  
Pancake, Buttermilk, Lowfat Aunt Jemima frozen  
Pancake, Buttermilk, Microwave Krusteaz Continental Mills, mini pancakes, frozen  
Pancake, Buttermilk, Mini Pillsbury  
Pancake, Buttermilk, Pfr 4'' dia  
Pancake, Chocolate Burst Pillsbury with real chocolate chips  
Pancake, Chocolate Chip Eggo  
Pancake, Complete Fiber One original, 1/2 cup makes 3 pancakes  
Pancake, Homestyle Aunt Jemima frozen  
Pancake, Homestyle Original Pillsbury  
Pancake, Lowfat Aunt Jemima frozen  
Pancake, Mini Aunt Jemima frozen  
Pancake, Mini's Eggo  
Pancake, Multi-Grain Eggo Whole Wheat  
Pancake, Original Pillsbury frozen  
Pancake, Plain, Frozen, Rth microwave, included buttermilk  
Pancake, Plain, Pfr 4'' dia  
Pancake, Whole Grain Aunt Jemima frozen  
Pancake, Whole Wheat dry mix, incomplete, prep (4'' dia)  
Pancakes Denny's  
Pancakes - 3 each (without syrup) Hardee's  
Pastry Bite Eat'n Park  
Potato Pancake, Home Prep 2-3/4'' dia, 5/8'' thick  
Senior Belgian Waffle Slam w/ egg Denny's  
Senior French Toast Slam w/1egg Denny's  
Senior Scram. Egg & Cheddar w/Pancakes Denny's  
Stuffed French Toaster Sticks, Maple Syrup Eggo  
Sugar Cone Cold Stone Creamery  
Sweet Potato Pancake Mix Bruce's Yams  
Toast (Buttered, 1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Toast (Dry, 1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Toast (Raisin, Buttered, 1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Toast (Rye, Buttered, 1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Toast (Sourdough, Buttered, 1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Toast (Whole Wheat, Buttered, 1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Toast, dry Denny's