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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Breads, Bread Dough

Name Brand Description Access Level
Whole Grain Bread, Honey Whole Wheat Pepperidge Farm  
Whole Grain Bread, Oatmeal Pepperidge Farm  
Whole Grain Garlic Bread Pepperidge Farm frozen, 2.25'' slice  
Whole Grain Goodness bread Great Harvest Bread Company  
Whole Grain Loaf Panera Bread  
Whole Grain Miche Panera Bread  
Whole Grain Rye Bread, Seeded Pepperidge Farm  
Whole Grain Sweet Crunch Bread Roman Meal  
Whole Grain White Bread Safeway  
Whole Grain White Bread Pepperidge Farm sandwich bread  
Whole Grain, Original, Round Top Roman Meal  
Whole Grain, Original, Sandwich Roman Meal  
Whole Grain, Original, Split Top Roman Meal  
Whole Wheat & Soy Wrap, Low Carb Atkins  
Whole Wheat (1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Whole Wheat bread Big Sky Bread Company  
Whole Wheat Bread, Cp  
Whole Wheat Bread, Pfr  
Whole Wheat Bread, Pfr, Toasted  
Whole Wheat Bread, Toasted, Cp  
Whole Wheat Bread, Very Thin Sliced, Soft Pepperidge Farm 100% whole wheat  
Whole Wheat Breadsticks Papa Johns  
Whole Wheat Wrap Bread Bruegger's  
Wrap, 100% Whole Wheat Sahara  
Wrap, White Sahara  
Yeast Free Tapioca Bread Kinnikinnick Foods  
Yellow Bread (1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
Yellow Corn Tortillas Snyder's of Hanover  
Zucchini Bread Great Harvest Bread Company