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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Breads, Bread Dough

Name Brand Description Access Level
Tortilla, Low-in-carbs, Green Onion Tumaro's  
Tortilla, Low-in-carbs, Multigrain Tumaro's  
Tortilla, Low-in-carbs, Salsa Tumaro's  
Tortilla, Original, Low Carb/low Fat La Tortilla Factory  
Tortilla, Pesto & Garlic Tumaro's 92% organic, 8'' tortilla  
Tortilla, Plain & From Mutton Sandwich Navajo  
Tortilla, Premium White Tumaro's 93% organic, 8'' tortilla  
Tortilla, Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Tumaro's 90% organic, 8'' tortilla  
Tortilla, Wheat, Lowfat La Tortilla Factory Organic; 'carb cutting'  
Tortilla, Whole Wheat Garden of Eatin'  
Tortilla, Whole Wheat, Low Carb Atkins large 9'' tortilla  
Traditional French Bread Wegmans Serving Size: (3) 1-1/2" slices Vive Baguette (2) 1-1/3" slices Batard (1) 2-3/4" slice Parisian  
Traditional Garlic Toast Mamma Bella  
Traditional Sesame Baquette Bread, Loaf Corner Bakery  
Traditional Sesame Baquette Bread, Slice Corner Bakery  
Trail Bread Great Harvest Bread Company  
Triple Olive Loaf About 1/5 Loaf Wegmans  
Tuscan Wegmans  
Twelve Grain Bread Roman Meal  
Value Pack: 2 (12") Original Pizza Crusts w/ 2 Large Sauce Packs Boboli  
Value Pack: 2 Thin Crusts w/ 2 Large Sauce Packs Boboli  
Vegan Berry Mel's Meals  
Wheat 12" Breads Firehouse Sub  
Wheat 8" Breads Firehouse Sub  
Wheat Bran Bread  
Wheat Bread include wheat berry  
Wheat Bread, Diet  
Wheat Bread, Light Wonder  
Wheat Bread, Thin, Deep Fried Laufabraud  
Wheat Bread, Toasted include wheat berry  
Wheat Germ Bread  
Wheat Germ Bread, Toasted  
White 12" Breads Firehouse Sub  
White 8" Breads Firehouse Sub  
White Bakers Loaves Bridgford  
White Bakery Yeast Roll Layer Pack Roll Doughs - Proof & Bake Bridgford  
White Bakery Yeast Rolls Bridgford  
White Bread  
White Bread Weight Watchers  
White Bread Wonder  
White bread Great Harvest Bread Company  
White Bread (1 Slice) Eat'n Park  
White Bread - Giant Bunny Bread  
White Bread - Plantation Bunny Bread  
White Bread - Small Bunny Bread