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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Milk and Related

Name Brand Description Access Level
Lowfat Buttermilk Purity  
Lowfat Chocolate Milk Barber's  
Lowfat Chocolate Milk  
Lowfat Chocolate Milk Horizon Organic  
Lowfat Chocolate Milk Purity  
Lowfat Chocolate Milk Chug Tuscan  
Lowfat Eggnog T.G. Lee Dairy  
Lowfat Eggnog Horizon Organic  
Lowfat Eggnog  
Lowfat Milk Lehigh Valley  
Lowfat Milk Chug Garelick Farms  
Lowfat Strawberry Milk Chug Tuscan  
Malted Milk Flavor Mix, Chocolate added nutrients, powder, 1 envelope  
Malted Milk Flavor Mix, Natural no added nutrients, powder, prep w/milk  
Malted Milk Mix, Chocolate Nestle  
Mango Italian Ice Swirl Carvel Ice Cream  
Mango Smoothie Mix, Prepared Concord Foods  
Maui-Banana Shake Fatburger  
Milk In-N-Out Burger  
Milk Country Style  
Milk (1%) Sonic  
Milk (1%, Chocolate) Eat'n Park  
Milk (Skim, Regular) Eat'n Park  
Milk (Skim, Small) Eat'n Park  
Milk 1% Fat Carl's Jr.  
Milk 2% Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Milk Alternative, Dry, Darifree Ener-G Foods 'Vance's', kosher, low protein, free of: gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, egg, soy, rice, nut  
Milk Alternative, Dry, Soyquik Ener-G Foods kosher, free of: gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, egg, corn, yeast, nut, rice, potato  
Milk Beverage - Less Sugar Hot Kid  
Milk Beverage - Original Hot Kid  
Milk Drink Hot Kid  
Milk Drink W/fructose made from cow's milk  
Milk Drink, Lowfat, No Sugar Added made from cow's milk  
Milk Shake  
Milk Substitute W/lauric Acid Oil fluid  
Milk Substitute W/vegetable Oils fluid w/hydrogenated veg oils  
Milk Yoghurt Flavoured Beverage - Original Hot Kid  
Milk Yoghurt Flavoured Beverage - Strawberry Hot Kid  
Milk, (1%, Regular) Eat'n Park  
Milk, (1%, Small) Eat'n Park  
Milk, 2% Country Inn & Suites  
Milk, Chocolate (1%) Sonic  
Milk, Cow's W/cocoa & Sugar Kakomjolk  
Milk, Cow's W/lauric Acid Oil filled, fluid