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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Milk and Related

Name Brand Description Access Level
Fat Free Buttermilk PET  
Fat Free Chocolate Milk Over the Moon  
Fat Free Evaporated Milk Vons  
Fat Free Evaporated Milk Safeway  
Fat Free Milk Barber's  
Fat Free Milk Over the Moon  
Fat Free Milk Creamland  
Fat Free Milk Tuscan  
Fat Free Milk T.G. Lee Dairy  
Fat Free Milk  
Fat Free Milk Garelick Farms  
Fat Free Milk Berkeley Farms  
Fat Free Milk Lucerne  
Fat Free Milk Dairy Ease  
Fat Free Milk Lehigh Valley  
Fat Free Mix'n Drink (Pure Skim Milk) Saco  
Fat Free Skim Milk PET  
Fat Free Whole Milk The Skinny Cow  
Fat-Free Milk McArthur  
Flavored Milk Pint, Chocolate Lowfat Milk Alta Dena  
Flavored Milk Pint, Plain, Reduced Fat Alta Dena  
Flavored Milk Pint, Whole Milk Alta Dena  
Flavored Milk Pint, Whole Milk Chocolate Alta Dena  
Gourmet Manufacturing Cream Berkeley Farms  
Half & Half Purity  
Half & Half Berkeley Farms  
Half & Half 4oz Milk The Human Bean  
Half and Half Creamland  
Hemp Milk Beverage - Original Pacific Natural Foods  
Hemp Milk Beverage - Vanilla Pacific Natural Foods  
Hershey's 1% Low Fat Chocolate Milk Burger King  
Hershey's 1% Low Fat Milk Burger King  
Holiday Eggnog Alta Dena  
Holiday Lite Eggnog Alta Dena  
Homogonized Milk The Human Bean  
Honey Sweetened Eggnog Alta Dena  
Hot Fudge Shake-Large Sonic  
Hot Fudge Shake-Regular Sonic  
Instant Breakfast, Milk Chocolate, No Sugar Added, Ready to Drink Carnation  
Instant Breakfast, Milk Chocolate, Ready to Drink Carnation  
Instant Milk Safeway  
Instant Milk Vons  
Instant Nonfat Dry Milk Meijer  
Kefir, Biokefir, Black Cherry Lifeway  
Kefir, Biokefir, Blackberry Lifeway