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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Milk and Related

Name Brand Description Access Level
Vanilla Twisted Frosty with Nestle Toll House Cookie Doughs Wendy's  
Vanilla Twisted Frosty with Oreo Wendy's  
Very Vanilla Milk, Reduced Fat, Rtd Nestle Nesquik  
Vitamin D Milk  
Vitamin D Milk McArthur  
Vitamin D Milk Meadow Gold  
Vitamin D Milk T.G. Lee Dairy  
Vitamin D Milk Purity  
Vitamin D Whole Milk Lucerne  
Vitamin D Whole Milk Berkeley Farms  
Viva 1% Lowfat Milk Viva  
Viva Acidophilus 1% Lowfat Milk Viva  
Viva Fat Free Skim Milk Viva  
Whey Drink  
Whole Buttermilk PET  
Whole Buttermilk Purity  
Whole Buttermilk  
Whole Chocolate Milk Barber's  
Whole Chocolate Milk Berkeley Farms  
Whole Chocolate Milk  
Whole Milk Lehigh Valley  
Whole Milk Country Fresh  
Whole Milk Barber's  
Whole Milk Lucerne  
Whole Milk Creamland  
Whole Milk Tuscan  
Whole Milk PET  
Whole Milk Noah's  
Whole Milk Garelick Farms  
Whole Milk Dairy Ease  
Whole Milk Dean's  
Whole Milk Rachel's Organic  
Whole Milk Chug  
Whole Milk Chug Tuscan  
Whole Milk Chug Garelick Farms  
Whole Milk Chugs Lehigh Valley