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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fruit Juices and Nectars

Name Brand Description Access Level
Blueberry Pomegranate with Whip - 24 oz. Coffeesmiths  
Boysenberry Nectar R.W. Knudsen 96% juice  
Brain Development Fruit Juice, Apple Juicy Juice  
Brain Development Fruit Juice, Grape Juicy Juice  
Breakfast Orange Drink Purity  
Bubble Gum Slush-Large Sonic  
Bubble Gum Slush-Medium Sonic  
Bubble Gum Slush-Route 44 Sonic  
Bubble Gum Slush-Small Sonic  
Bubble Gum Slush-Wacky Pack Sonic  
Calcium Rich Orange Juice Garelick Farms  
Cape Cod Cranberry Juice After The Fall 100% juice  
Carrot Orange Mango Juice Nantucket Nectars  
Casco Bay Coolers Berry Strawberry Banana Smoothie Red Lobster  
Casco Bay Coolers Cherry Wave Slushy Red Lobster  
Casco Bay Coolers Sunset Strawberry Smoothie Red Lobster  
Celebration Themed Bottles Welch's  
Cheerful Cherry Juice Froose  
Cherry Burst Cocktail Welch's  
Cherry Burst Drink Welch's  
Cherry Cider R.W. Knudsen 100% juice  
Cherry Juice Juicy Juice 100% juice  
Cherry Juice Concentrate Eden Foods Organic; kosher, Montmorency  
Cherry Juice, Montmorency Tart Eden Foods 100% pure juice, kosher  
Cherry Limeade Denny's  
Cherry Sensation Welch's 100% juice; 'Juicemaker' shelf stable concentrate  
Cherry Slush - Large Sonic  
Cherry Slush - Medium Sonic  
Cherry Slush - RT 44 Sonic  
Cherry Slush - Small Sonic  
Cherry Slush - Wacky Pack Sonic  
Chocolate Almond Amore Olive Garden  
Cider & Spice Juice R.W. Knudsen 100% juice  
Citrus Flavored Green Tea Concentrate Schwan's  
Citrus Fruit Juice Drink frozen conc  
Citrus Fruit Juice Drink, Prepared frozen conc, prep w/water  
Coconut Nectar R.W. Knudsen 61% juice  
Coconut Water with Pulp Roland  
Concord Grape Cocktail Welch's  
Concord Grape Cranberry Juice Welch's  
Concord Grape Juice Apple&Eve  
Concord Grape Juice R.W. Knudsen 100% juice; Organic  
Concord Grape Juice Welch's Organic  
Concord Grape Juice Safeway  
Concord Grape Juice