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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Drinks

Name Brand Description Access Level
Lemonade Mix, Diet, Prepared w/aspartame, powder, prep w/water  
Lemonade Mix, Pink frozen conc  
Lemonade Mix, Pink, Lite Country Time  
Lemonade Mix, Prepared frozen conc, prep w/water  
Lemonade Mix, Raspberry, Sugar Free Crystal Light  
Lemonade Mix, White, Prepared frozen conc, prep w/water  
Lemonade Spritzer, Light R.W. Knudsen 27% juice  
Lemonade, Country Style Minute Maid 15% juice, frozen conc, reconstituted  
Lemonade, Home Squeezed Style Florida's Natural 15% juice  
Lemonade, Homestyle Tropicana 11% juice  
Lemonade, Juice Box R.W. Knudsen 100% juice  
Lemonade, Light Tropicana 8% juice  
Lemonade, Light Minute Maid  
Lemonade, Light Minute Maid Carton, 3% juice  
Lemonade, Low-cal Welch's glass bottle  
Lemonade, Old Fashioned Roadside Virgin Newman's Own  
Lemonade, Orchard Style Tropicana 10% juice  
Lemonade, Pink Virgin Newman's Own  
Lemonade, Pouch, Rtd Country Time large ready-to-drink pouches  
Lemonade, Soft Frozen Minute Maid Tube, 11% juice  
Lemonade, Sugar Free Duet, Low Carb Atkins 1/2 tsp for each 8 oz glass  
Lemonade, Sugar Free, On The Go Crystal Light  
Lemonade, Super Sour Snapple  
Light Cranberry Juice Cocktail  
Light Lemonade  
Limeade Minute Maid 3% lime juice, from conc, reconstituted  
Limeade, Frozen Concentrate  
Limeade, Light Minute Maid Carton, 5% juice  
Limeade, Prepared frozen conc, prep w/water  
Limeade, Virgin Newman's Own 15% real lime juice  
Low Carb Performance Energy Drink Arizona Beverage Co.  
Mandarin Papaya Drink Mauna Lai blended juice drink, 11% juice  
Mango Fandango Spritzer R.W. Knudsen 80% juice  
Mango Juice Cocktail Old Orchard 'Nectars'  
Mango Madness Juice Drink Snapple 5% juice  
Mango Mango Drink Mauna Lai blended juice drink, 11% juice  
Mango Nectar Drink Looza 40% juice  
Mango Passion Fruit Juice Drink Welch's can  
Mango Pineapple Smoothie Hansen's can  
Mango Punch Tampico 1% juice  
Mango Soy Smoothie Silk Live!  
Mango Spritzer, Light R.W. Knudsen 26% juice  
Mango Tropical Drink, Light Minute Maid Can, 3% juice  
Mint Snowdrift, Junior - 2% Milk w/ Whip Caribou Coffee