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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Carbonated Soft Drinks

Name Brand Description Access Level
Seagram's, Raspberry Ginger Ale, Diet The Coca-Cola Company  
Seagram's, Raspberry Seltzer Naturals The Coca-Cola Company  
Seltzer Naturals, Black Cherry Seagram's  
Seltzer Naturals, Lemon Lime Seagram's  
Seltzer Naturals, Orange Seagram's  
Seltzer Naturals, Raspberry Seagram's  
Seltzer, Original Seagram's  
Seven Up In-N-Out Burger  
Seven Up 7-UP  
Seven Up  
Seven Up Plus 7-UP  
Seven Up, Cherry 7-UP  
Seven Up, Cherry, Diet 7-UP  
Seven Up, Diet 7-UP  
Sierra Mist  
Sierra Mist Extra Large Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Sierra Mist Large Taco Bell  
Sierra Mist Large Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Sierra Mist Medium Taco Bell  
Sierra Mist medium Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Sierra Mist small Taco Bell  
Sierra Mist Small Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Sierra Mist Xtra Large Taco Bell  
Small Coke Schlotzsky's Deli  
Small Diet Coke Schlotzsky's Deli  
Small Sprite Schlotzsky's Deli  
Soda, Diet W/caffeine other than cola or pepper w/aspartame  
Soda, Dr. Pepper Ten Dr. Pepper  
Soft Drink (Diet Pepsi) Eat'n Park  
Soft Drink (Lipton Brisk Raspberry) Eat'n Park  
Soft Drink (Mountain Dew) Eat'n Park  
Soft Drink (Mug Root Beer) Eat'n Park  
Soft Drink (Pepsi) Eat'n Park  
Soft Drink (Sierra Mist) Eat'n Park  
Soft Drink (Wild Cherry Pepsi) Eat'n Park  
Soft Drink, Carbonated avg values for different brands  
Soft Drink, Cola  
Soft Drink, Low Sugar  
Soft Drink, Orange Drink, Carbonated  
Solar Fusion Sunkist  
Sparkling Lemonade Sunkist  
Sports Drink, Powerade, Fountain The Coca-Cola Company  
Sports Drink, Powerade, Grape, Frozen Uncarbonated Beverage The Coca-Cola Company  
Sports Drink, Powerade, Mountain Blast, Fountain The Coca-Cola Company  
Sprite Sprite