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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Carbonated Soft Drinks

Name Brand Description Access Level
Pepsi (small) Long John Silver's  
Pepsi (large) Long John Silver's  
Pepsi (Large) Pizza Hut  
Pepsi (medium) Long John Silver's  
Pepsi (Medium) Pizza Hut  
Pepsi (Small) Pizza Hut  
Pepsi Extra Large Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Pepsi Large Taco Bell  
Pepsi Large Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Pepsi Lime Pepsi  
Pepsi Lime, Diet Pepsi  
Pepsi Medium Taco Bell  
Pepsi medium Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Pepsi One Pepsi  
Pepsi small Taco Bell  
Pepsi Small Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Pepsi Twist Pepsi  
Pepsi Twist, Diet Pepsi  
Pepsi Vanilla Pepsi  
Pepsi Vanilla, Diet Pepsi  
Pepsi Wild Cherry Pepsi  
Pepsi Wild Cherry, Diet Pepsi  
Pepsi Xtra Large Taco Bell  
Pepsi, Caffeine Free Pepsi  
Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi Pepsi  
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi  
Pepsi, Diet, No Caffeine Pepsi  
Pepsi, Made in Mexico Pepsi  
Pepsi, Pepsi Max Pepsi  
Pepsi, Pepsi Next Pepsi  
Pepsi, Pepsi One Pepsi  
Pepsi, Pepsi Throwback Pepsi  
Pibb Xtra White Castle  
Pibb Xtra large White Castle  
Pibb Xtra medium White Castle  
Pibb Xtra small White Castle  
Pibb Xtra, Fountain The Coca-Cola Company  
Pibb Zero The Coca-Cola Company  
Pineapple Sunkist  
Powerade Mountain Blast White Castle  
Powerade Mountain Blast - Large Sonic  
Powerade Mountain Blast - Medium Sonic  
Powerade Mountain Blast - Rt 44 Sonic  
Powerade Mountain Blast - Small Sonic  
Powerade Mountain Blast - Wacky Pack Sonic