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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Alcohol and Related

Name Brand Description Access Level
Spirits, 70% Proof  
Spumante Wine (Sparkling) Olive Garden  
Strawberry Bellini Olive Garden  
Strawberry Daiquiri  
Strawberry Daiquiri Red Lobster  
Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer Master of Mixes  
Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer Old Orchard frozen conc, reconstituted, no alcohol added  
Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer Bacardi 10% juice, frozen conc  
Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer  
Strawberry Fresco Olive Garden  
Strawberry Frozen Margarita Olive Garden  
Strawberry Puree Mixer Finest Call 'Premium'  
Strawberry-Limoncello Martini Olive Garden  
Strawberry-Mango Frozen Margarita Olive Garden  
Summer Ale Beer Henry Weinhard's  
Sunset Passion Colada Red Lobster  
Sweet & Sour Lemon Bar Mixer Tavern  
Sweet & Sour Mix Angostura  
Sweet & Sour Mixer Mr. and Mrs. T  
Sweet & Sour Mixer  
Sweet & Sour Mixer Master of Mixes  
Sweet & Sour Mixer Finest Call 'Premium'  
Sweet & Sour Mixer Dr. Swami & Bone Daddys  
Tequila Sunrise Red Lobster  
Tequila Sunrise, Canned  
Tomato Cocktail Mix, Rtd Tabasco McIlhenny, Bloody Mary mix, mild  
Top-Shelf Margarita - Frozen Red Lobster  
Top-Shelf Margarita - On the Rocks Red Lobster  
Triple Sec Angostura  
Tropical Sangria Olive Garden  
Venetian Sunset Olive Garden  
Vodka Pepper Wegmans  
Vodka Winey Blue Wegmans  
Vodka, 80 Proof  
Whiskey Sour prep w/mix w/o added K & salt w/1.5 oz whiskey  
Whiskey Sour Mixer, Bottled w/o added K & salt  
Whiskey Sour Mixer, Powder  
Whiskey Sour, Canned  
Whiskey, 86 Proof  
White, Blush or Red Red Lobster  
Wild Berry Bellini Olive Garden  
Wild Berry Frozen Margarita Olive Garden  
Wine, Burgundy Bravo  
Wine, Burgundy Carlo Rossi  
Wine, Burgundy Gallo