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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Alcohol and Related

Name Brand Description Access Level
Dry Vermouth Wine  
Fanta Birch Beer, Fountain The Coca-Cola Company  
Frangelico Red Lobster  
Frozen Raspberry Margarita Red Lobster  
Frozen Strawberry Margarita Red Lobster  
Gin, 90 Proof  
Grand Marnier Red Lobster  
Grenadine Angostura  
Hefeweizen Beer Henry Weinhard's  
Irish Coffee Red Lobster  
Italian Margarita Olive Garden  
Kahlua Red Lobster  
Kid Size Barq's Root Beer Schlotzsky's Deli  
Light Beer Olive Garden  
Lime-Mint Fresco Olive Garden  
Limoncello Lemonade Olive Garden  
Liqueur, Average Values  
Liqueurs Red Lobster  
Lobsterita - Strawberry Red Lobster  
Lobsterita - Traditional Red Lobster  
Lobsterita-Raspberry Red Lobster  
Malibu Hurricane Red Lobster  
Malt Beverage  
Mango Margarita Mix Margaritaville  
Mango Martini Olive Garden  
Manhattan with Bourbon Red Lobster  
Manhattan with Whiskey Red Lobster  
Margarita Mix Angostura  
Margarita Mix, Desert Key Lime, Low Carb Baja Bob non-alcoholic drink mix  
Margarita Mixer Master of Mixes  
Margarita Mixer Dr. Swami & Bone Daddys gourmet, top shelf  
Margarita Mixer  
Margarita Mixer Old Orchard frozen conc, reconstituted, no alcohol added  
Margarita Mixer Jose Cuervo  
Margarita Mixer Mr. and Mrs. T  
Margarita Mixer Margaritaville  
Margarita Mixer Bacardi 10% juice, frozen conc  
Margarita Mixer Sauza  
Martini, Pfr  
Mudslide Red Lobster  
Mug Root Beer Extra Large Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Mug Root Beer Large Taco Bell  
Mug Root Beer Large Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Mug Root Beer Medium Taco Bell  
Mug Root Beer medium Kentucky Fried Chicken