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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Ground Beef, Prepared Beef

Name Brand Description Access Level
1/4 Pound Beef Burgers Huisken  
80% Lean Ground Beef, broiled Wegmans  
80/20 Irradiated Ground Beef Wegmans  
90% Lean Ground Beef, broiled Wegmans  
90/10 Irradiated Ground Beef Wegmans  
Bacon Woody's Bar-B-Q  
Bacon Add-on Fatburger  
Beef Breakfast Strips, Cooked cured, cooked yield from 12 oz pkg  
Beef Breakfast Strips, Raw cured, raw or unheated  
Beef Ground, Raw USDA Commodity, bulk/coarse ground, frozen  
Beef Patties, Quarter Pound RG's  
Beef Patty, Cooked USDA Commodity, 100% beef, frozen  
Beef Patty, Frozen USDA Commodity w/VPP  
Beef Patty, Raw USDA Commodity, 100% beef, frozen  
Beef Summer Sausage Di Lusso Deli Company  
Beef, Ground, Cooked USDA Commodity, bulk/coarse ground, frozen  
Beef, Ground, Patty, Broiled (hamburger) frozen, broiled medium, yield from 1 lb raw meat  
Beef, Ground, Patty, Raw, 23% Fat (hamburger) frozen  
Beef, Minced  
Beef, Top Round, Low Salt Boar's Head deluxe cap-off top round  
Beef, Top Round, No Added Salt Boar's Head oven roasted choice top round  
Beijing Beef Panda Express  
Big Roast Beef Hardee's  
Broccoli Beef Panda Express  
Cheeseburger Mix Safeway  
Chopped Beef Steak Burger - half pounder Black Angus  
Chuck Burger - 1/3 Pound Black Angus  
Chuck Burger with Real Vidalia Onions Black Angus  
Cooked Corn Beef  
Corned Beef Hebrew National Deli Carved, kosher  
Corned Beef Vons  
Corned Beef Safeway  
Corned Beef Deli Wegmans  
Corned Beef Hash Safeway  
Corned Beef, Brisket Boar's Head First cut cooked corned beef brisket  
Corned Beef, Canned Beef, cured  
Corned Beef, Cooked cured, brisket  
Corned Beef, Raw cured, brisket  
Corned Beef, Top Round Boar's Head cooked corned beef top round, cap-off  
Country Fried Steak & Eggs Denny's  
Deluxe Beef Steamrollers  
Easy Pot Roast Holly Clegg trim&Terrific  
Ground Beef Schwan's  
Ground Beef, Baked, 75% Lean hamburger loaf, 25% fat (yield from 1 lb raw)  
Ground Beef, Baked, 95% Lean hamburger loaf, 5% fat (yield from 1 lb raw)