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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Syrups

Name Brand Description Access Level
Chocolate Syrup  
Chocolate Syrup Hershey's  
Chocolate Syrup w/o added nutrients  
Chocolate Syrup with Calcium Hershey's  
Chocolate Syrup, Calorie Free Walden Farms  
Chocolate Syrup, Diabetic Fifty 50 17 grams sugar alcohol  
Chocolate Syrup, Dulce De Leche Hershey's  
Chocolate Syrup, Fudge-type  
Chocolate Syrup, Light Hershey's genuine chocolate  
Chocolate Syrup, Prepared w/o added nutrients, prep w/milk  
Chocolate Syrup, Special Dark Hershey's  
Chocolate Syrup, Sugar Free Hershey's  
Cinnamon syrup Torani  
Classic Caramel syrup Torani  
Classic Hazelnut syrup Torani  
Classic Root Beer syrup Torani  
Coconut Davinci Syrups The Human Bean  
Coconut syrup Torani  
Coffee syrup Torani  
Cranberry Bay Leaf syrup Torani  
Creme Caramel syrup Torani  
Creme de Banana syrup Torani  
Creme de Cacao syrup Torani  
Creme de Menthe syrup Torani  
Creme Frozen Beverage Base Torani  
English Toffee syrup Torani  
Flavored Sugar Free Syrup, per Pump Seattle's Best Coffee  
Flavored Syrup (reg) Beans and Brews Coffee House  
Flavored Syrup (sugar free) Beans and Brews Coffee House  
Flavored Syrup, per Pump Seattle's Best Coffee  
French Vanilla syrup Torani  
Fruit Syrup Smucker's all flavors: blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, red raspberry, strawberry  
Ginger Spice syrup Torani  
Ginger syrup Torani  
Gingerbread syrup Torani  
Golden Syrup Lyle's  
Grape syrup Torani  
Grenadine Syrup Roland  
Grenadine Syrup  
Grenadine Syrup  
Guava syrup Torani  
Hazelnut Davinci Syrups The Human Bean  
Hazelnut syrup Torani  
Hersheys Chocolate Syrup The Human Bean  
Hibiscus syrup Torani