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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Syrups

Name Brand Description Access Level
All Flavors Davinci Syrup Sugar Free The Human Bean  
All Other flavors Davinci Syrups The Human Bean  
Almond Roca syrup Torani  
Amaretto syrup Torani  
Apple syrup Torani  
Apricot Syrup Maple Grove Farms  
Banana Puree Blend Torani  
Barley Malt Syrup Eden Foods Organic; kosher  
Black Currant syrup Torani  
Blackberry Syrup Smucker's  
Blackberry Syrup  
Blackberry Syrup Knott's Berry Farm  
Blackberry syrup Torani  
Blood Orange syrup Torani  
Blue Raspberry syrup Torani  
Blueberry Syrup Knott's Berry Farm  
Blueberry Syrup Maple Grove Farms  
Blueberry Syrup Smucker's  
Blueberry Syrup  
Blueberry syrup Torani  
Blueberry Syrup - Only Fruit Wax Orchards  
Boysenberry Syrup Maple Grove Farms  
Boysenberry Syrup Smucker's  
Boysenberry Syrup  
Boysenberry Syrup Knott's Berry Farm  
Breakfast Syrup  
Breakfast Syrup Burger King  
Breakfast Syrup, Sugar Free Smucker's low calorie  
Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup Torani  
Butter Pecan syrup Torani  
Butter Rum syrup Torani  
Butterscotch syrup Torani  
Cane Sugar sweetener Torani  
Caramel Davinci Syrups The Human Bean  
Caramel syrup Torani  
Caramel Syrup - Dulce de Leche Hershey's  
Chai Tea Spice Flavor syrup Torani  
Cheesecake syrup Torani  
Cherry Lime syrup Torani  
Cherry syrup Torani  
Chocolate Bianco syrup Torani  
Chocolate Macadamia Nut syrup Torani  
Chocolate Malt Syrup, Whoppers Hershey's  
Chocolate Milano syrup Torani  
Chocolate Mint syrup Torani