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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pickles, Relish, Peppers, Olives

Name Brand Description Access Level
Alfonso Olives Wegmans  
Amfissa Olives Peloponnese bottled  
Ancho Chiles, Dried Frieda's  
Ancho Pepper, Dried  
Atalanti Olives Peloponnese bottled  
Australian Blood Olives Wegmans  
Baby Dills, Pickles Best Maid  
Baby Kalamata Olives Wegmans  
Baby Kosher Dill Pickle  
Baby Koshers Pickles Best Maid  
Banana Pepper Rings - Hot Gedney  
Banana Peppers Subway  
Banana Peppers, Sliced Roland yellow  
Barnier Green Olives with Herbs Wegmans  
Barnier Pitted Nicoise Wegmans  
Barrel Pickles Gundelsheim  
Bavarian Style Sauerkraut  
Big "O" Pouched Snack Olives Van Holten's  
Bitetto Olives Wegmans  
Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives Mezzetta  
Bread & Butter Pickle Toppers B&G  
Bread & Butter Pickle, Fresh cucumber  
Bread & Butter Pickles B&G  
Bread And Butter Pickle Slicers Vons  
Bread And Butter Pickle Slicers Safeway  
Bread-N-Butter Pickles Best Maid  
California Chiles, Dried Frieda's  
Cerignola Olives Wegmans  
Chili Pepper, Green, Canned hot chili, pods, excluding seeds, solids and liquids  
Chili Pepper, Green, Raw hot chili  
Chili Pepper, Hot, Immature Green immature green, canned, chili sauce  
Chili Pepper, Hot, Mature Red can  
Chili Pepper, Red, Raw hot chili  
Chili Pepper, Sun-dried hot chili  
Chili Peppers, Hot Roland  
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce Roland  
Chopped Olives Vons  
Chopped Olives Safeway  
Chowchow, Sweet w/cauliflower onion mustard, sweet  
Cocktail Cornichons Gundelsheim  
Cocktail Olive Mix Wegmans  
Colossal Green Pitted Wegmans  
Colossal Ripe Olives Safeway  
Cornichons Gundelsheim  
Cornichons, Gherkins Roland