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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Condiments

Name Brand Description Access Level
Mayonnaise, Canola, Cholesterol Free Best Foods/Hellmann's  
Mayonnaise, Canola, Light, Eggless, Vegan Spectrum  
Mayonnaise, Diet, Low Salt  
Mayonnaise, Dijon, Artisan Spectrum Organic  
Mayonnaise, Hot 'n Spicy Kraft  
Mayonnaise, Imitation, Eggless Hain 'Eggless No Salt Added'  
Mayonnaise, Light Best Foods/Hellmann's  
Mayonnaise, Light Cains  
Mayonnaise, Light Kraft  
Mayonnaise, Light  
Mayonnaise, Light, Eggless Spectrum expeller pressed soybean oil  
Mayonnaise, Made W/tofu  
Mayonnaise, No Cholesterol  
Mayonnaise, No Cholesterol, Diet  
Mayonnaise, Nonfat Cains  
Mayonnaise, Nonfat Smart Beat  
Mayonnaise, Nonfat Kraft  
Mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Artisan Spectrum Organic; w/extra virgin olive oil  
Mayonnaise, Real Best Foods/Hellmann's  
Mayonnaise, Real Kraft  
Mayonnaise, Reduced Fat Cains  
Mayonnaise, Reduced Fat Best Foods/Hellmann's  
Mayonnaise, Reduced Fat with Olive Oil Kraft  
Mayonnaise, Roasted Garlic, Artisan Spectrum Organic  
Mayonnaise, Safflower Hain  
Mayonnaise, Safflower Hollywood  
Mayonnaise, Safflower, Lite Hain  
Mayonnaise, Wasabi, Artisan Spectrum Organic  
Mustard Best Maid  
Mustard Sonic  
Mustard Safeway  
Mustard Vons  
Mustard ( / oz.) Eat'n Park  
Mustard - Country Style Dijon Saag's Specialty Meats  
Mustard - Sweet Dijon Saag's Specialty Meats  
Mustard - Traditional Dijon Saag's Specialty Meats  
Mustard Spicy Deli Safeway  
Mustard Spicy Deli Vons  
Mustard, Deli Best Foods/Hellmann's Brown  
Mustard, Honey Best Foods/Hellmann's  
Mustard, Prepared, Asian Style Westbrae Natural  
Mustard, Prepared, Blend Best Foods/Hellmann's 'Creamy Dijonniase'  
Mustard, Prepared, Bold N' Spicy French's  
Mustard, Prepared, Brown Eden Foods Organic; kosher  
Mustard, Prepared, Chinese Hot Roland