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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in bd's Mongolian Grill

Name Description Access Level
Sweet & Sour Grilled Chicken  
Sweet & Sour Sauce SAUCES & SOUPS - Sweet & Sour  
Sweet and Sour Chicken ITEM - Sweet and Sour Chicken  
Sweet and Sour Pork ITEM - Sweet and Sour Pork  
Sweet and Sour Shrimp ITEM - Sweet and Sour Shrimp  
Sweet Lean Pork  
Szechwan Sauce SAUCES & SOUPS - Szechwan  
Teriyaki Beef with White Rice ITEM - Teriyaki Beef (w/ White Rice)  
Teriyaki Chicken  
Teriyaki Chicken with White Rice ITEM - Teriyaki Chicken (w/ White Rice)  
Teriyaki Entree Sauce ITEM - Teriyaki  
Teriyaki Sauce SAUCES & SOUPS - Teriyaki, Sauces & Soups  
Teriyaki Shrimp ITEM - Teriyaki Shrimp  
Teriyaki, Beef (6 oz)  
Teriyaki, Beef (8 oz)  
Teriyaki, Chicken (6 oz)  
Teriyaki, Chicken (8 oz)  
Teriyaki, Pork (6 oz)  
Teriyaki, Pork (8 oz)  
Teriyaki, Shrimp (6 oz)  
Teriyaki, Shrimp (8 oz)  
Teriyaki, Tofu (6 oz)  
Teriyaki, Tofu (8 oz)  
Thai Coconut Curry Soup  
Thai Red Curry Sauce ITEM - Thai Red Curry  
The Shareable Trio (Chicken Sriracha Bites, Egg Rolls and Crab Rangoons)  
Tilapia SEAFOOD - Tilapia  
Tofu VEGETABLES - Tofu  
Tomato VEGETABLES - Tomato  
Tomato Parmesan Soup ITEM - Tomato Parmesan  
Topping, Caramel ITEM - Topping, Caramel  
Topping, Cherry ITEM - Topping, Cherry  
Topping, Chocolate Chips ITEM - Topping, Chocolate Chips  
Topping, Gummie Bears ITEM - Topping, Gummie Bears  
Topping, Hot Fudge ITEM - Topping, Hot Fudge  
Topping, Nerds ITEM - Topping, Nerds  
Topping, Rainbow Sprinkles ITEM - Topping, Rainbow Sprinkles  
Topping, Whipped Topping ITEM - Topping, Whipped Topping  
Tortilla TORTILLAS - Tortillas  
Tortilla, 6 inch  
Totally Fun Stir Fry  
Triple Vanilla Bean Cheesecake ITEM - Triple Vanilla Bean Cheesecake  
Tuscan Marinated Chicken  
Tuxedo Cheesecake ITEM - Tuxedo Cheesecake