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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in bd's Mongolian Grill

Name Description Access Level
Fajita Sauce SAUCES & SOUPS - Fajita  
Fajita Seasoned Beef  
Fat Free French Dressing SALAD DRESSINGS - FAT FREE French  
Fire Roasted Hoisin BBQ Ribs  
Fish Tacos  
Five-Spice Pork Tacos  
French California (Fat Free) Dressing  
French Fries with Ketchup  
Fresh Garlic  
Fried Oreos ITEM - Fried Oreos (Desserrt)  
Fried Rice Bowl with Bacon (4 oz)  
Fried Rice Bowl with Chicken (6 oz)  
Fried Rice Bowl with Shrimp (6 oz)  
Fried Rice Bowl with Veggies (6 oz)  
Fried Rice with Bacon  
Fried Rice, Chicken ITEM - Fried Rice Chicken  
Fried Rice, Shrimp ITEM - Fried Rice Shrimp  
Fried Rice, Veggie ITEM - Fried Rice Veggie  
Fried Sriracha Chicken Tacos  
Garbanzo Beans  
Garden Leek Vegetable Soup  
Garlic Powder  
Ginger Powder  
Gochujang Sauce  
Golden Italian Dressing  
Greek Feta Dressing SALAD DRESSINGS - Greek Feta  
Green Cabbage  
Green Onions  
Green Peppers  
Grilled Sriracha Chicken Tacos  
Hardcooked Egg  
Head Lettuce VEGETABLES - Head Lettuce  
Hoisin Beef Tacos  
Honey Mustard Dressing SALAD DRESSINGS - Honey Mustard  
Hot Bacon Dressing  
Hot Fudge Topping  
Hunter's Stew Soup  
Ice Cream, Vanilla  
Italian (Fat Free) Dressing  
Jalapeno Mozzarella Sticks  
Jalapeno, Raw  
Jamaican Jerk  
Kernel Corn  
Kids Apple Juice ITEM - Apple Juice