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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Crushed Tomatoes, Steam Peeled with Basil  
Crustless Lorraine Quiche  
Crystallized Ginger  
Crystallized Ginger Chunks  
Cube steak  
Cubed Caraway Rye Bread  
Cucumber & Blueberry Salad  
Cucumber Dill Salad  
Cucumber, Raw  
Culinary Gravy, Beef Flavor Beef Flavor  
Culinary Gravy, Poultry Flavor Poultry Flavor  
Culinary Stock, Beef Flavored Beef Flavored  
Culinary Stock, Chicken Chicken  
Culinary Stock, Thai, Medium Thai, Medium  
Culinary Stock, Vegetable Vegetable  
Cultivated Blueberries  
Cupid Hearts  
Cured Porkloin- Palacios Lomo Deli  
Curly Cooking Spinach  
Curried Tofu Salad  
Curry Chicken Salad  
Curry Chicken Salad  
Curry Chicken Salad  
Curry Chicken Salad Plate  
Curry Yogurt Dressing  
Cut Asparagus Spears  
Cut Green Beans  
Cut Green Beans  
Cut Okra, Just Pickled  
Cut Out Cookies, Assorted  
Cypress Grove Lamb  
Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper  
D'Artagnan Mousse Basquaise  
D'Artagnan Mousse Truffee  
D'Artagnan Pepper Mousse  
D'Artagnan Pheasant en Herbette  
Dallenwiller Wychas  
Danish Fontina  
Danish Ring, Almond Almond  
Danish Ring, Pecan Pecan  
Danny's: 7" Sub