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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Colossal Green Pitted  
Combos, Cheddar Cheese Pretzels Cheddar Cheese Pretzels  
Concord Grape Jelly  
Concord Grape Jelly  
Concord Grape Jelly  
Condensed Soup, Chicken Noodle Chicken Noodle  
Condensed Soup, Chicken with Rice Chicken with Rice  
Condensed Soup, Minestrone Minestrone  
Condensed Soup, Tomato Tomato  
Condensed Soup, Vegetable Vegetable  
Cones, Sundae Nut Sundae Nut  
Connellini Beans  
Conversation Hearts  
Conversation Hearts, Large Large  
Conversation Hearts, Small Small  
Cooked Shrimp  
Cooked Shrimp, Jumbo  
Cooked Shrimp, Large  
Cooked Shrimp, Medium  
Cooked Soybeans  
Cooked Turkey Breast (Empire)  
Cookie Dough Premium Ice Cream  
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
Cookie Dough, Sugar Sugar  
Cookie No Nuts  
Cookie Tray, Traditional Traditional  
Cookie Tray, Traditional, Large Traditional, Large  
Cookie with Walnuts  
Cookie, Chinese Almond Chinese Almond  
Cookie, Fig, Cuccidari Fig, Cuccidari  
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream  
Cookies & Cream Lactose Free Ice Cream  
Cookies 'n Cream Plant-Based Almondmilk Frozen Dessert  
Cookies N Cream, Landies Sugar Free Landies Sugar Free  
Cookies, Almond Paste, Amaretti Almond Paste, Amaretti  
Cookies, Apricot Apricot  
Cookies, Break & Bake Style, Sugar Break & Bake Style, Sugar  
Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich Creme Chocolate Sandwich Creme  
Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich Creme, Chocolate Chocolate Sandwich Creme, Chocolate  
Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich Creme, Double Chocolate Sandwich Creme, Double  
Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich, Chocolate Creme Chocolate Sandwich, Chocolate Creme  
Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich, Double Creme Chocolate Sandwich, Double Creme  
Cookies, Chocolate Sandwich, Mint Creme Chocolate Sandwich, Mint Creme