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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
2% Slices, Swiss Swiss  
3 Cheese Pizza, Cauliflower Crust  
3-Layer Chocolate Raspberry Cake  
4 Cheese Calzones Pizza  
4% Milkfat Minimum Large Curd Cottage Cheese  
4% Milkfat Minimum Small Curd Cottage Cheese  
4% Milkfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese  
5 Fruit Delight  
50% Sparkling Fruit Juice Beverage, Grape Grape  
6 Year Cheddar Cheese  
60 Pepper Hummus  
7 Grain Bread Loaf  
72% Cacao Dark Chocolate  
72% Cacao Dark Chocolate  
72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate  
80% Lean 20% Fat Ground Beef Patties  
80% Lean Ground Beef, broiled  
80/20 Irradiated Ground Beef  
85% Lean Round Beef Patties  
90 Second Steamables, Basmati Rice  
90% Lean Ground Beef  
90% Lean Ground Beef, broiled  
90/10 Irradiated Ground Beef  
94% Lean 6% Fat Ground Turkey  
94% Lean 6% Fat Ground Turkey  
95% Lean 5% Fat Ground Beef  
99% Lean 1% Fat Ground Turkey  
Abruzzese Sweet or Hot Sausage - Citterio Deli  
Acai Chunks with Dragon Fruit  
Acai Chunks with Whole Blueberries  
Acini Di Pepe  
Acme Bering Cisco  
Acme Chopped Herring Salad  
Acme Kippered Salmon  
Acme Norwegian Salmon  
Acme Nova Flakes  
Acme Sable  
Acme Salty Belly Lox  
Acme Scottish Salmon  
Acme Whole Whitefish  
Acorn Squash  
Acorn Squash  
Acorn Squash, Raw Diced  
Adams Reseve Extra Sharp Cheddar Deli  
Adult Gummies, Strawberry