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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Cafe Latte, Flavor Add  
Cafe Latte, Flavor Add (Medium) Flavor Syrups may contain Milk or Nuts.  
Cafe Latte, Lactaid  
Cafe Latte, Lactaid (Medium)  
Cafe Latte, Soy Milk  
Cafe Latte, Soy Milk (Medium)  
Cage Free Large Eggs  
Cajun Angel about 2 shrimp roll ups  
Cajun Hot Mix, Alpine Valley Alpine Valley  
Cajun Mix  
Cajun Sizzler Snack Mix  
Cajun Spice, Medium  
Cake Slice, Tres Leches  
Cake, Angel Food Angel Food  
Cake, Creme, Harvest Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Creme, Harvest Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk  
Cake, Premium Apple Crumb Premium Apple Crumb  
Calabrese Dry Hot Sauasge -Citterio Deli  
CAlcium Adult Vitamins  
California Blend  
California Blend  
California Chopped Dates  
California Walnut Halves & Pieces  
Calzone with Pizza Sauce, Spinach Ricotta  
Calzone, Buffalo Chicken  
Calzone, Buffalo Chicken  
Calzone, Pepperoni & Cheese  
Camembert Calvados  
Camp de Montalban  
Campofrio Boneless Serrano Ham Deli  
Campofrio Lomo Deli  
Canadian Bacon - Hormel  
Candied Smoked Salmon  
Candied Sweet Potatoes Deli  
Candy Bars, Fun Size Fun Size  
Candy Buttons on Paper  
Candy Cane, Chocolate Sandwich Peppermint Creme Cookies  
Candy Corn  
Candy Corn  
Candy Necklace  
Cannellini Beans, Organic Organic  
Cannoli Cheesecake, Ultimate Sliced  
Cannoli Chip & Dip, with Chocolate Chips  
Cannoli Chips  
Cannoli Dip With Chocolate Chips  
Cannoli, Mini, Make it Yourself Mini, Make it Yourself