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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Traditional Feta Cheese in Brine  
Traditional French Bread Serving Size: (3) 1-1/2" slices Vive Baguette (2) 1-1/3" slices Batard (1) 2-3/4" slice Parisian  
Traditional Italian Dressing  
Traditional Italian Dressing  
Traditional Medium Roast Coffee  
Traditional Medium Roast Ground Coffee  
Traditional Mini Naan  
Traditional Naan Indian Style Tandoori Flat Bread  
Traditional Stuffing Deli  
Trail Blend  
Trail Blend  
Trail Mix, California California  
Trail Mix, Chocolate Cherry  
Trail Mix, Mountain  
Trail Mix, Natural Gourmet Natural Gourmet  
Trail Mix, Organic, Around the Campfire Organic, Around the Campfire  
Trail Mix, Organic, Chocolate Fruit & Nut Organic, Chocolate Fruit & Nut  
Trail Mix, Organic, Fruit & Nut Organic, Fruit & Nut  
Trail Mix, Premium Tart Cherry Premium Tart Cherry  
Trail Mix, Rainbow Delight  
Trail Mix, Sunridge, Organic Sunridge, Organic  
Trail Mix, Wholesum  
Treasure Trove Mix, Sunridge Sunridge  
Treriyaki Beef Jerky  
Tri Color Chick Pea Salad  
Tri- Colored Cheese Tortellini  
Tri-Color Quinoa  
Tri-Color Rotini  
Tri-Colored Almonds  
Tri-Colored Cheese Tortellini  
Trimmed Green Beans  
Triple Berry Greek Nonfat Yogurt  
Triple Berry Jammin' Spread  
Triple Berry Jammin' Spread  
Triple Chocolate Coffee Cake  
Triple Chocolate Creme Cake  
Triple Fruits Raspberry, Strawberry & Blackberry  
Triple Fruits, Fruit Spread, Apricot Peach & Passion Fruit  
Triple Fruits, Fruit Spread  
Triple Fruits, Fruit Spread, Strawberry Plum & Raspberry  
Triple Olive Loaf About 1/5 Loaf  
Triple Washed Romaine Salad  
Tripleberry Crostata  
Trolli Brite Crawlers  
Trolli Octopus