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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Sparkling Water, Mixed Berry Mixed Berry  
Sparkling Water, Natural Natural  
Sparkling Water, Natural Natural  
Sparkling Water, Orange Pineapple Orange Pineapple  
Sparkling Water, Tangerine Lime  
Sparkling Water, Tangerine Lime Tangerine Lime  
Sparkling Water, Watermelon  
Sparkling Water. Lemon, Calorie Free  
Spearmint Leaves  
Special Blends Baby Blue Salad Kit  
Special Blends Carrot Blend  
Special Blends Green Mix  
Special Blends, "Happy Rice" Red and Brown Rice  
Special Blends, Broccoli Cauliflower & Pine Nuts in a Garlic Herb Sauce  
Special Blends, Broccoli, Cauliflower & Pine Nuts Broccoli, Cauliflower & Pine Nuts  
Special Blends, Ginger & Garlic Stir-Fry Blend Ginger & Garlic Stir-Fry Blend  
Special Blends, Green Beans & Shallots Green Beans & Shallots  
Special Blends, Grilled Vegetables Grilled Vegetables  
Special Blends, Kale & Spinach with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt  
Special Blends, Mexican-Style Brown Rice with Onion and Garlic  
Special Blends, Petite Brussels Sprouts  
Special Blends, Sweet Kale Chopped Salad Kit  
Special Blends, Wild Rice Blend Wild Rice Blend  
Speck, Diced Diced  
Spelt Brown Rice Blend  
Spice Drops  
Spice Drops  
Spice Drops  
Spice Drops, Red & Green Red & Green  
Spice Drops, Red & Green Red & Green  
Spiced Apple Chopped Salad Kit  
Spiced Apple Chopped Salad Kit  
Spicy Artichoke Dip  
Spicy Brown Mustard  
Spicy Calabrian Pepper Sausage Tortelloni  
Spicy Cauliflower Bites  
Spicy Chipotle Hummus  
Spicy Chipotle Hummus  
Spicy Citrus Ginger Dressing  
Spicy cup Pepperoni  
Spicy Cup Pepperoni  
Spicy Cup Uncured Pepperoni Pizza  
Spicy Dill Pickles  
Spicy Garden Vegatable Cheese Spread  
Spicy Garden Vegetable