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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Rotisserie's Plain with Skin, Dark Meat  
Rotisserie's Plain with Skin, Light Meat  
Rotisserie's Roasted Garlic with Lemon, Dark Meat  
Rotisserie's Roasted Garlic with Lemon, Light Meat  
Round Cheese Ravioli  
Round Danish  
Round Pain de Campagne  
Rst. Tomato & Olive Tilapia  
Ruby Red Grapefruit  
Rum Raisin Premium Ice Cream  
Russer Beef  
Russer Beef Deli  
Russer Garlic Deli  
Russer Gourmet Deli  
Russer Light Cooked Salami Deli  
Russer Light Deli  
Russer Pickle & Pimento Loaf Deli  
Russer Polish Loaf Deli  
Russer Sweet Cooked Salami Deli  
Russet Potatoes  
Russian Dressing: Add Old Fashioned Subs Cheese & Condiments  
Rustic Batard  
Rustic Potatoes & Button Mushrooms  
Rustic Potatoes & Button Mushrooms Special Blends  
Rutabagas, Cleaned and Cut Cleaned and Cut  
Rye Bread Dip  
Rye Bread Dip  
Rye Dip  
Rye Sandwich Bread, Organic  
Rye Sub Roll: 7"  
S & W Black Forest Ham Deli  
S & W Braunschweiger Deli  
S & W Calves Liver Chub Deli  
S & W German Deli  
S & W Gold Medal Liverwurst Deli  
S & W Headcheese Deli  
S & W Lower Salt Deli  
S & W Oldenburger Liverwurst Deli  
S & W Teawurst Deli  
S & W Westphlian Ham Deli  
S'Mores Ice Cream  
Saga Blue  
Sahlen's Carving Station Ham Deli