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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Round Danish  
Round Pain de Campagne  
Rst. Tomato & Olive Tilapia  
Rum Raisin Premium Ice Cream  
Russer Beef  
Russer Beef Deli  
Russer Garlic Deli  
Russer Gourmet Deli  
Russer Light Cooked Salami Deli  
Russer Light Deli  
Russer Pickle & Pimento Loaf Deli  
Russer Polish Loaf Deli  
Russer Sweet Cooked Salami Deli  
Russet Potatoes  
Russian Dressing: Add Old Fashioned Subs Cheese & Condiments  
Rustic Batard  
Rustic Potatoes & Button Mushrooms  
Rutabagas, Cleaned and Cut Cleaned and Cut  
Rye Bread Dip  
Rye Dip  
Rye Sandwich Bread, Organic  
Rye Sub Roll: 7"  
S & W Black Forest Ham Deli  
S & W Braunschweiger Deli  
S & W Calves Liver Chub Deli  
S & W German Deli  
S & W Gold Medal Liverwurst Deli  
S & W Headcheese Deli  
S & W Lower Salt Deli  
S & W Oldenburger Liverwurst Deli  
S & W Teawurst Deli  
S & W Westphlian Ham Deli  
S'Mores Ice Cream  
Saga Blue  
Sahlen's Carving Station Ham Deli  
Sahlen's Smokehouse Ham Deli  
Sahlen's Smokehouse Turkey Breast Deli  
Saint Felicien  
Salad Bowl - Chef  
Salad Bowl Baby Greens & Ancient Grain  
Salad Bowl, Chef  
Salad Bowl, Cranberry Walnut  
Salad Bowl, Santa Fe Style