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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Pasta, Rainbow Rotini  
Pasta, Rainbow Rotini Rainbow Rotini  
Pasta, Rigatoni Rigatoni  
Pasta, Rings Rings  
Pasta, Rotini  
Pasta, Rotini  
Pasta, Rotini  
Pasta, Rotini Rotini  
Pasta, Round Cheese Ravioli, Small  
Pasta, Shells Shells  
Pasta, Shells  
Pasta, Small Shells  
Pasta, Small Shells Small Shells  
Pasta, Small Shells  
Pasta, Spaghetti  
Pasta, Spaghetti Spaghetti  
Pasta, Thin Spaghetti Thin Spaghetti  
Pasta, Thin Spaghetti  
Pasta, Ziti Ziti  
Pasteurized Half & Half  
Pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream  
Pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream  
Pastrami Deli  
Pastry Flour Enriched Unbleached  
Pastry Sheets, Phyllo Phyllo  
Pastry Sheets, Phyllo, Ready to Use Phyllo, Ready to Use  
Pastry Shells, Mini, Phyllo Mini, Phyllo  
Pastures of Eden Israeli Feta  
Patagonian Scallops  
Pavarti (smoked)  
Pazazz Apples  
Peach Almondmilk Yogurt  
Peach Apple Sauce  
Peach Apple Sauce Pouch  
Peach Crostata Slice  
Peach Delights, Premium Premium  
Peach Greek Yogurt  
Peach Loaf  
Peach Muffin  
Peach Rings  
Peach, Raw  
Peaches, Diced, Yellow Cling Diced, Yellow Cling  
Peaches, Halved Yellow Cling Halved Yellow Cling  
Peaches, Halved, Yellow Cling Halved, Yellow Cling  
Peaches, Sliced Sliced