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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wegmans

Name Description Access Level
Mango Fruit Delight  
Mango Slices  
Mango Slices, Premium Premium  
Mango Slices, Unsulphured, Low Sugar Unsulphured, Low Sugar  
Mango Sorbet  
Mango Sorbet  
Mango Sorbet Bars  
Mango Spears  
Mango Turmeric Organic Kombucha  
Mango, Raw  
Manhattan Clam Chowder  
Manicotti, Cheese Cheese  
Manicotti, Cheese Filled Cheese Filled  
Manteche Provolone  
Manzanilla Olives  
Maple Icing  
Maple Smoked Bacon - Smiths Deli  
Maple Syrup, Pure, Club Pack Pure, Club Pack  
Maple Walnut Ice Cream  
Marathon Bread  
Marathon Bread Made with Organic Flour  
Marathon Bread Made with Organic Flour  
Marathon Bread with Organic Flour  
Marathon Energy Loaf with Sweet Dried Cranberries  
Marathon Energy Roll  
Marathon Half Loaf  
Marathon Roll  
Marble Rye Serving Size: (1) 1-1/4" slice  
Marco Polo Bread Serving Size: (1) 3/4" slice  
Margarine, Corn Oil Corn Oil  
Margherita Pizza  
Margherita Pizza, Gluten Free  
Margherita Specialty Thin Crust Pizza 1/8 Large  
Marinade, Chicken BBQ Chicken BBQ  
Marinade, Cilantro-Lime  
Marinade, Citrus Dill Citrus Dill  
Marinade, Fajita Fajita  
Marinade, Greek Greek  
Marinade, Honey Mustard Honey Mustard  
Marinade, Italian Italian  
Marinade, Jamaican Jerk Jamaican Jerk  
Marinade, Lemon & Garlic Lemon & Garlic  
Marinade, Lemon & Garlic  
Marinade, Mojo Mojo