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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Wasa

Name Description Access Level
Cheese Sandwich  
Chocolate Sandwich  
Crackerbread, 7 Grain Crisp'n Light  
Crackerbread, Crisp'n Light 7 Grains  
Crackerbread, Mild Rye Mild Rye  
Crackers, 7 Grains  
Crackers, Mild Rye Crisps 4.9 Oz Mild Rye Crisps 4.9 Oz  
Crisp 'n Light Crackers  
Crisp 'n Light Wholesome Wheat Crackerbread Crisp 'n Light Wholesome Wheat  
Crisp'n Light Crispbread  
Crisp'n Light, Crackers  
Crispbread with Sesame & Sea Salt  
Crispbread, Fiber Fiber  
Crispbread, Fiber Rye  
Crispbread, Gluten Free  
Crispbread, Hearty  
Crispbread, Hearty Rye  
Crispbread, Light Rye  
Crispbread, Light Rye  
Crispbread, Light Rye  
Crispbread, Multi Grain  
Crispbread, Multi Grain  
Crispbread, Multigrain  
Crispbread, Oats  
Crispbread, Oats Oats  
Crispbread, Rye  
Crispbread, Sesame  
Crispbread, Sourdough  
Crispbread, Sourdough Rye  
Crispbread, Whole Grain 9.2 Oz Whole Grain 9.2 Oz  
Crispbread, Whole Wheat Whole Wheat  
Fiber Whole Grain Crispbread  
Fibre Rye Crispbread  
Flatbread, Original 6.7 Oz Original 6.7 Oz  
Flatbread, Rosemary 190g Rosemary 190g  
Flatbread, Sesame 6.7 Oz Sesame 6.7 Oz  
Flatbread, Thin & Crispy, Original Thin & Crispy, Original  
Flatbread, Thin & Crispy, Rosemary Thin & Crispy, Rosemary  
Flatbread, Thin & Crispy, Sesame Thin & Crispy, Sesame  
Flax Seed Crispbread  
Gluten Free Crispbread, Sesame & Sea Salt  
Gluten Free Crispbread, Sesame & Sea Salt  
Gluten Free Sesamae & Sea Salt Crispbread  
Gluten Free Sesame & Sea Salt Crispbread