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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Waba Grill Teriyaki House

Name Description Access Level
Caesar Dressing  
Cajun Hot Sauce  
Chicken Bowl  
Chicken Plate**  
Chicken Salad Plate  
Chicken Steak Plate**  
Chicken Veggie Bowl  
Green Onions  
Half Half Bowl  
Half Half Veggie Bowl  
Oriental Dressing  
Oriental Dressing (on all side salads)  
Ranch Dressing  
Rib Plate**  
Salmon Bowl  
Salmon Plate**  
Soy Sauce  
Sriracha Hot Sauce  
Steak Bowl  
Steak Plate**  
Steak Veggie Bowl  
Veggie Bowl  
WaBa Sauce (on all meat and chicken)