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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Tyson

Name Description Access Level
Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Garlic  
Rolled Tortilla with Chicken Chili Filling  
Rotisserie Chicken  
Rotisserie Chicken Breast, Shaved Deli Slices Shaved Deli Slices  
Rotisserie Flavor Chicken Breast, Deli Style Deli Style  
Sausage Crumbles, Fully Cooked Breakfast Fully Cooked Breakfast  
Sausage Crumbles, Fully Cooked W/Italian Style Seasoning Fully Cooked W/Italian Style Seasoning  
Sausage Patties  
Sausage Patties  
Sausage Patties  
Sea Salt & Olive Oil Seasoned Chicken Breast Portions  
Seasoned Beef Meatloaf  
Seasoned Sirloin For Fajitas  
Seasoned Steak Strips  
Seasoned Wings, Sweet Asian Chili  
Shoulder Butt Steak  
Sirloin Chops  
Sirloin Tender Steak  
Skillet Creations, Asian Style Orange Chicken  
Skillet Creations, Chicken Fajitas  
Skillet Creations, Chicken Tuscany & Penne  
Skillet Creations, Grilled Beef Steak Fajitas  
Skillet Creations, Steak Stroganoff with Noodles  
Slow Cooked Pork Roast in Gravy in Gravy  
Slow Cooker Kits, Southwestern Style Chicken Soup  
Smoked Chicken Breast, Deli Style Deli Style  
Smoked Ham  
Smokehouse Seasoned Chicken Thighs  
smokey bbq wings  
Smokey Steakhouse Seasoned  
Southern Style Chicken Breast Tenderloins  
Southern Style Nuggets  
Southwest Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips, with Rib Meat with Rib Meat  
Southwest Style Seasoned Cuts  
Southwestern Chicken Breast Strips frozen; fully cooked  
Soy Ginger Pork Chop, Hoisin Char Siu Glaze  
Spicy Chicken Nuggets  
Spicy Chicken Patties, Cooked & Breaded Spicy  
Spicy Panko, White Chicken Meat Patties  
Split Breasts  
Split Chicken Breast  
Split Chicken Breasts  
Split Cornish Game Hens  
St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs  
St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs