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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Name Description Access Level
1/2 Chicken Caesar Salad  
1/2 Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich  
1/2 Loaded Spinach Salad  
1/2 Rustic Turkey & Apple Club  
1/2 Thai Chicken Salad  
1/2 Turkey Bacon Ranch  
1/2 Ultimate Club  
Acai Berry Boost - Splenda Super Fruit Super Fruit - Acai Berry Boost - Splenda  
Acai Berry Boost Smoothie  
Acai Berry Boost Smoothie with Splenda  
Acal Berry Boost™ Supercharged Smoothies - Acal Berry Boost™  
All American - Junior Wrap Wraps - All American - Junior  
All American Omelet  
All American™ Wrap Breakfast - All American™ Wrap  
Aquafina Bottled Water  
Avocolada Smoothie  
Avocolada Smoothie with Splenda  
Awesome Orange™ Kids Smoothies - Awesome Orange™  
Bahama Mama Simply Indulgent Smoothie Simply Indulgent Smoothies - Bahama Mama  
Bahama Mama Smoothie Indulgent Smoothies - Bahama Mama™  
Bahama Mama Smoothie with Splenda  
Baja Chicken Bowl  
Baja Chicken Flatbread Toasted Flatbreads - Baja Chicken™  
Baja Chicken Toasted Wrap  
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing  
Banana Berry Boost w/ Splenda Smoothie  
Banana Berry Boost w/ Turbinado Smoothie  
Basil Infused Lemonade  
BBQ Pork Quesadilla  
Beach Bum - Splenda Simply Indulgent Smoothie Simply Indulgent Smoothies - Beach Bum - Splenda  
Beach Bum Chocolate w/ Splenda Smoothie  
Beach Bum Chocolate w/ Turbinado Smoothie  
Beach Bum Smoothie Indulgent Smoothies - Beach Bum™  
Beach Bum Smoothie with Splenda  
Blimey Limey - Splenda Low Fat Smoothie Low Fat Smoothies - Blimey Limey - Splenda  
Blimey Limey Smoothie Low-Fat Smoothies - Blimey Limey™  
Blimey Limey Smoothie with Splenda  
Blimey Limey w/ Splenda Smoothie  
Blimey Limey w/ Turbinado Smoothie  
Blue Lagoon - Splenda Low Fat Smoothie Low Fat Smoothies - Blue Lagoon - Splenda  
Blue Lagoon Smoothie  
Blue Lagoon w/ Splenda Smoothie