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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in The Pita Pit

Name Description Access Level
Alfalfa Sprouts Topping  
American Swiss Cheese  
American Swiss Cheese Pita  
Ancho Chipotle Sauce  
Avocado Topping  
Awakin' with Bacon Bacon Pita  
B.L.T Pita  
Babaganoush Pita  
Babaganoush Topping  
Banana Very Berry Smoothie  
BBQ Sauce  
Berry Go Round Smoothie  
Black Forest Ham Pita  
Black Olives Topping  
Blu Bayou Smoothie  
Caesar Sauce  
Cheddar Cheese  
Cheddar Pita  
Chicken Breast Pita  
Chicken Breast Pita  
Chicken Caesar Chicken,Bacon, Romaine Pita  
Chicken Classic Chicken & Mushrooms Pita  
Chicken Crave Chicken, Ham Pita  
Chicken Souvlaki marinated Pita  
Club Turkey, Ham, Bacon Pita  
Cucumbers Topping  
Dagwood Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham Pita  
Dijon Mustard  
Falafel Pita  
Feta Cheese  
Feta Pita  
Fresh Spinach Topping  
Garden Pita  
Green Peppers Topping  
Gyro Pita  
Ham n' Eggs Ham Pita  
Honey Mustard  
Horseradish Dijon  
Hot Sauce Sauce  
Hummus Pita  
Hummus Pita  
Hummus Topping  
Jalapenos Topping  
Mango Tango Smoothie