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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in The Coca-Cola Company

Name Description Access Level
Barq's Caffeine Free Root beer, Fountain caffeine free  
Barq's Floatz  
Barq's French Vanilla Creme soda  
Barq's Red Creme soda, Fountain  
Barq's Root beer  
caffeine free Coca-Cola classic, Fountain  
caffeine free Diet Coke, Fountain  
Carver's Ginger Ale  
cherry Coca-Cola, Fountain  
Cherry Coke zero  
Coca-Cola Blak  
Coca-Cola Classic, Fountain  
Coca-Cola Classic, Frozen Carbonated Beverage  
Coca-Cola with Lime  
Coca-Cola Zero, Fountain  
Coca-Cola, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola  
Coca-Cola, Caffeine-Free Diet Coke  
Coca-Cola, Cherry  
Coca-Cola, Cherry Zero  
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke Cherry  
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke Lime  
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda  
Coca-Cola, Original  
Coca-Cola, Vanilla  
Coca-Cola, Vanilla Zero  
Coca-Cola, Zero  
Dasani Essence, Black Cherry  
Dasani Essence, Lemon-Lime  
Dasani Essence, Strawberry-Kiwi  
Dasani, Grape  
Dasani, Lemon  
Dasani, Raspberry  
Dasani, Strawberry  
diet Barq's French Vanilla Creme soda  
diet Barq's Red Creme soda  
diet Barq's root beer  
diet cherry Coke  
Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda  
Diet Coke with Lime, Fountain  
Diet Coke, Fountain  
diet Inca Kola  
Diet Northern Neck Ginger Ale  
Fanta Apple  
Fanta Berry