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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Taco Cabana

Name Description Access Level
Chicken Flautas (12)  
Chicken Flautas (3) TACOS & FLAUTAS - Chicken Flautas 3 packs  
Chicken Nachos with Shredded Cheese  
Chicken Quesadilla, Small  
Chicken Soft Taco TACOS & FLAUTAS - Soft Chicken Taco  
Chicken Super Nachos with Queso NACHOS - Chicken Super Nachos - Personal with Queso  
Chicken Super Nachos with Shredded Cheese, Personal NACHOS - Chicken Super Nachos - Personal with Shredded Cheese  
Chipotle Vinaigrette CABANA BOWLS BURRITOS AND SALADS - Chipotle Vinaigrette  
Chips & Guacamole, Large CHIPS & DIPS - Chips & Guacamole  
Chips & Guacamole, Personal TACOS & FLAUTAS, CHIPS & DIPS - Chips and Guacamole  
Chips & Queso, Large CHIPS & DIPS - Chips & Queso  
Chips & Queso, Personal TACOS & FLAUTAS, CHIPS & DIPS - Chips and Queso  
Chocolate Cajeta Cake DESSERTS - Chocolate Cajeta Cake  
Chocolate Chip Cookie  
Chocolate Low Fat Milk DRINKS - Chocolate Milk, Low Fat  
Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Burrito BREAKFAST - Chorizo & Egg Burrito  
Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Taco BREAKFAST - Chorizo & Egg Taco  
Chorizo Loaded Queso and Chips  
Coca-Cola, Kid's with Ice  
Coca-Cola, Kid's without Ice  
Coca-Cola, Large with Ice  
Coca-Cola, Large without Ice  
Coca-Cola, Medium with Ice  
Coca-Cola, Medium without Ice  
Coca-Cola, Small with Ice  
Coca-Cola, Small without Ice  
Coke Zero, Kid's with Ice  
Coke Zero, Kid's without Ice  
Coke Zero, Large with Ice  
Coke Zero, Large without Ice  
Coke Zero, Medium with Ice  
Coke Zero, Medium without Ice  
Coke Zero, Small with Ice  
Coke Zero, Small without Ice  
Combo Side of Black Beans  
Combo Side of Borracho Beans  
Combo Side of Chips and Guacamole  
Combo Side of Chips and Queso  
Combo Side of Refried Beans with Cheese  
Combo Side of Rice  
Diet Coke, Kid's with Ice  
Diet Coke, Kid's without Ice  
Diet Coke, Large with Ice  
Diet Coke, Large without Ice  
Diet Coke, Medium with Ice