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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Subway

Name Description Access Level
FUZE Brewed Sweet Tea  
Gingerbread Cookie  
Gluten-Free Bread  
Golden Broccoli & Cheese Soup  
Golden Italian  
Gorgonzola Sauce  
Green Chiles  
Green Chili and Tomato Soup  
Green Peppers  
Green Peppers  
Habanero Wrap  
Ham Jared Salads with 6 g of fat or Less  
Ham Subway Mini Sandwiches  
Ham 6-inch Jared Sandwiches with 6 grams of Fat or Less  
Harvest Bread  
Hash Browns  
Hash Browns  
Hawaiian Sweet Bread  
Hearty Italian Bread  
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup  
Honey Mustard Ham & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich  
Honey Mustard Ham & Cheese Breakfast Wrap  
Honey Mustard Salad Dressings  
Honey Mustard Sauce  
Honey Mustard Sauce, Fat Free  
Hot Pepper Relish  
House-Made Dill Pickles  
Italian B.M.T. Meats  
Italian B.M.T. on Tomato Basil Wrap  
Italian B.M.T. Salad  
Italian B.M.T.® on Flatbread  
Italian B.M.T.® on Flatbread  
Italian BMT 6-inch Sandwiches  
Italian BMT Meats  
Italian Herbs & Cheese Bread  
Italian Hero Meats  
Italian White Bread  
Jalapeno Cheese/Cheddar Bread  
Jalapeno Peppers