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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Stonyfield Farm

Name Description Access Level
After Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Nonfat After Dark Chocolate 3 Oz  
After Dark Chocolate Organic Yogurt After Dark Chocolate  
Blackberry Yogurt Nonfat, Blackberry  
Blends Nonfat Yogurt, Blueberry Nonfat, Blueberry  
Blends Nonfat Yogurt, French Vanilla French Vanilla  
Blends Nonfat Yogurt, Lemon Smooth & Creamy, Lots a Lemon  
Creamy Organic Yogurt, Double Chocolate Double Chocolate  
Creamy Organic Yogurt, Lemon Chiffon Lemon Chiffon  
Creamy Organic Yogurt, Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake  
Creamy Organic Yogurt, White Chocolate Raspberry White Chocolate Raspberry  
Cultured Dairy Snack, Just Peachy Just Peachy  
Cultured Dairy Snack, Wild Berry Wild Berry  
Cultured Soy, 3 Peach, 3 Strawberry 3 Peach, 3 Strawberry  
Cultured Soy, Chocolate Chocolate  
French Vanilla Yogurt Nonfat, French Vanilla  
Frozen Yogurt, After Dark Chocolate, Nonfat Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Cookies 'n Dream, Lowfat Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Creme Caramel Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Gotta Have Java, Nonfat Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Gotta Have Vanilla, Nonfat Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Javalanche Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Minty Chocolate Chip, Lowfat Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Raspberry Swirl Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Raspberry White Chocolate Chunk, Lowfat Organic  
Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla Fudge Swirl Organic  
Fruit on the Bottom, Low fat Peach Fruit on the Bottom, Just Peachy  
Gotta Have Java Organic Yogurt Nonfat, Gotta Have Java  
Gotta Have Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Nonfat Gotta Have Vanilla 3 Oz  
Gotta Have Vanilla Organic Yogurt Nonfat, Gotta Have Vanilla  
Greek Yogurt Greek, Nonfat, Super Fruits  
Greek Yogurt, Plain Greek, Nonfat, Plain  
Greek Yogurt, Plain Greek, Nonfat, Plain  
Greek Yogurt, Vanilla  
Ice Cream, After Dark Chocolate Organic  
Ice Cream, Brownie Fudge Sundae Organic  
Ice Cream, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Organic  
Ice Cream, Cookies 'n Dream Organic  
Ice Cream, Creme Caramel Organic  
Ice Cream, Gotta Have Java  
Ice Cream, Gotta Have Vanilla Organic  
Ice Cream, Gotta Have Vanilla Gotta Have Vanilla  
Ice Cream, Javalanche Organic  
Ice Cream, Vanilla Chai  
Juice Smoothie, Orange Strawberry Banana Wave Orange Strawberry Banana Wave  
Juice Smoothie, Surfin' Strawberry Surfin' Strawberry