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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Steak Escape

Name Description Access Level
Side Salad with Steak  
Side Salad with Turkey  
Simply Chicken Potatoes  
Simply Chicken Salad  
Simply Chicken Sandwich, Large  
Simply Chicken Sandwich, Regular  
Simply Chicken Sandwich, Small  
Simply Chicken Wrap  
Sliced Black Olives SMALL SIZE ENTREES - Sliced Black Olives  
Sliced Mushrooms SMALL SIZE ENTREES - Sliced Mushrooms  
Small Garden Salad SMALL SIZE ENTREES - Small Garden Salad  
Smokin' BBQ Potatoes  
Smokin' BBQ Salad  
Sour Cream 1 oz.  
Sprite 12 oz. Cup  
Sprite 16 oz. Cup  
Sprite 21 oz. Cup  
Sprite 32 oz. Cup  
Sprite, 12oz  
Sprite, 22oz  
Sprite, 30oz  
Sriracha Cheesesteak Potatoes  
Sriracha Cheesesteak Salad  
Sriracha Cheesesteak Wrap  
Sriracha Cheesesteak, Large  
Sriracha Cheesesteak, Regular  
Sriracha Cheesesteak, Small  
Sriracha Steak Bowl  
Sriracha Steak Fries  
Steak Jr. Sub  
Steak Portion Sandwich, 12"  
Steak Portion Sandwich, 7"  
Steak Sandwich  
Steak Sauce SMALL SIZE ENTREES - Steak Sauce  
Steakhouse Sirloin Cheesesteak, Large  
Steakhouse Sirloin Cheesesteak, Regular  
Steakhouse Sirloin Cheesesteak, Small  
Steakhouse Sirloin Potatoes  
Steakhouse Sirloin Salad  
Steakhouse Sirloin Wrap  
Strawberry Lemonade, 12oz  
Strawberry Lemonade, 22oz  
Strawberry Lemonade, 30oz  
Sunflower Seeds SMALL SIZE ENTREES - Sunflower Seeds