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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Spectrum

Name Description Access Level
Flax Olive Antioxidant Oil Organic; cold-pressed unrefined  
Flaxseed Borage Oil Organic; Cold-pressed unrefined organic flaxseed oil, cold-pressed unrefined organic borage oil  
Flaxseed Oil Organic; expeller cold pressed unrefined  
Flaxseed Oil, Enriched Organic; expeller cold pressed unrefined, w/lignans  
Flaxseed, Ground Organic; cold milled flaxseeds w/lignans  
Flaxseed, Ground with mixed Berries Organic; cold milled ground flaxseed, w/lignans  
Flaxseed, Roasted Organic; dry roasted golden flaxseed, w/lignans  
Flaxseed, Whole Organic; triple-cleaned w/lignans  
Golden Balsamic Vinegar Organic  
Grapeseed Oil, Naturals 16 Oz Naturals 16 Oz  
Grapeseed Oil, Refined Refined  
Grapeseed Oil, Refined 100% ethanol alcohol extracted naturally refined  
Grapeseed Oil, Refined Refined  
Grapeseed Spray Oil  
Grapeseed Spray Oil, Naturals Refined 6 Oz Naturals Refined 6 Oz  
Ground Chia Seed, Pumpkin Spice Blend  
Ground Flaxseed  
Ground Flaxseed with Mixed Berries  
Ground Flaxseed with Mixed Berries  
Hazelnut Oil, Toasted Organic; 100% cold pressed unrefined  
High Heat Canola Oil Refined, For Medium High Heat  
High Heat Canola Oil Expeller Pressed, Refined for Medium High Heat  
High Heat Canola Spray Oil High Heat  
High Heat Safflower Oil High Heat  
Kernel Oil, Apricot 20 Oz Apricot 20 Oz  
Keto Blend Olive Oil & MCT Oil  
Light Canola Mayo  
Light Canola Mayo Eggless, Vegan  
Light Canola Mayonnaise  
Mayonnaise Organic; expeller pressed soybean oil  
Mayonnaise with Flax Oil & Omega-3 Organic; expeller pressed soybean & flaxseed oils  
Mayonnaise, Canola expeller pressed canola oil  
Mayonnaise, Canola Canola  
Mayonnaise, Canola 32 Oz Canola 32 Oz  
Mayonnaise, Canola, Light, Eggless, Vegan  
Mayonnaise, Dijon, Artisan Organic  
Mayonnaise, Eggless Canola  
Mayonnaise, Light Canola Eggless Light Canola Eggless  
Mayonnaise, Light, Eggless expeller pressed soybean oil  
Mayonnaise, Natural Organic 16 Oz Natural Organic 16 Oz  
Mayonnaise, Naturals Canola 16 Oz Naturals Canola 16 Oz  
Mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Artisan Organic; w/extra virgin olive oil  
Mayonnaise, Organic 11.25 Oz Organic 11.25 Oz  
Mayonnaise, Organic, Dijon Organic, Dijon