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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Souper Salad

Name Description Access Level
Smoothie, Peach, Tall  
Smoothie, Raspberry, Grande  
Smoothie, Raspberry, Tall  
Smoothie, Strawberry BEVERAGES - Smoothie, Strawberry  
Smoothie, Strawberry (20 oz) BEVERAGES - Smoothie, Strawberry  
Smoothie, Strawberry, Grande  
Smoothie, Strawberry, Tall  
Soft Serve Cone DESSERTS - Soft Serve Cone  
Soft Serve Cone (1 pc) DESSERTS - Soft Serve Cone  
Soft Serve Cone, Chocolate  
Soft Serve Cone, Vanilla  
Soft Serve, Vanilla (1/2 cup) DESSERTS - Soft Serve, Vanilla  
Sour Cream, Light  
Southwest Chicken Chipotle  
Southwest Chicken Soup  
Southwest Chicken Soup HANDCRAFTED SOUPS - Southwest Chicken Soup  
Southwestern Beans with Roasted Corn  
Southwestern Quesadilla  
Spaghetti & Meatballs- Fresh Tossed Pasta  
Spaghetti for Pasta Bar  
Spanish Rice, prepared  
Spicy Meatball with Rice Soup HANDCRAFTED SOUPS - Spicy Meatball with Rice Soup  
Spicy Meatballs with Rice Soup  
Spinach SALAD TOPPINGS - Spinach  
Spinach (1 Cup) SALAD TOPPINGS - Spinach  
Sponge Cake, Yellow  
Sprite BEVERAGES - Sprite  
Sprite (8 oz) BEVERAGES - Sprite  
Sriracha Hot Sauce  
Strawberries, Sliced  
Strawberry Parfait  
Strawberry Topping DESSERTS - Strawberry Topping  
Strawberry Topping (1/2 Cup) DESSERTS - Strawberry Topping  
Sugar-Free Jell-O DESSERTS - Sugar-Free Jell-O  
Sugar-Free Jell-O (1/2 Cup) DESSERTS - Sugar-Free Jell-O  
Sun Kissed Potato Salad  
Sunflower Seeds SALAD TOPPINGS - Sunflower Seeds  
Sunflower Seeds  
Sunflower Seeds (2 Tbl) SALAD TOPPINGS - Sunflower Seeds  
Sweet Garden Slaw  
Sweet Potato HOT BAR - Sweet Potato  
Sweet Potato (1 pc) HOT BAR - Pizza - Sweet Potato  
Taco Meat HOT BAR - Taco Meat  
Taco Meat (2 oz) HOT BAR - Pizza - Taco Meat