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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Solo

Name Description Access Level
Almond Cake and Pastry Filling Almond  
Almond Filling for pastries, cakes, desserts  
Almond Paste  
Apple J Sparkling Apple Drink  
Apricot Cake & Pastry Filling Apricot  
Artificially Flavored Carbonated Beverage, Grape  
Artificially Flavoured Carbonated Beverage, Banana  
Banana Flavoured Carbonated Beverage  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Cherry Cherry  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Date Date  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Dutch Apple Dutch Apple  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Mixed Berry Mixed Berry  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Pecan Pecan  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Pineapple Pineapple  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Poppy Seed 12.5 Oz Poppy Seed 12.5 Oz  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Prune Plum Prune Plum  
Cake & Pastry Filling, Strawberry 12 Oz Strawberry 12 Oz  
Carbonated Beverage, Kola Champagne  
Cherry Filling for pastries, cakes, desserts  
Cream Soda  
Cream Soda  
Cream Soda  
Drink, Apple J Sparkling Apple Apple J Sparkling Apple  
Dutch Apple Filling for pastries, cakes, desserts  
Energy Bar  
Energy Bar, Chocolate Charger  
Filling, Almond 12.5 Oz Almond 12.5 Oz  
Filling, Apricot 12 Oz Apricot 12 Oz  
Filling, Blueberry 12 Oz Blueberry 12 Oz  
Filling, Cherry 12 Oz Cherry 12 Oz  
Filling, Fancy Nut Fancy Nut  
Filling, Fancy Nut 12.5 Oz Fancy Nut 12.5 Oz  
Filling, Mixed Berry Cake & Pastry 12 Oz Mixed Berry Cake & Pastry 12 Oz  
Filling, Pecan 12.5 Oz Pecan 12.5 Oz  
Filling, Pineapple 12 Oz Pineapple 12 Oz  
Filling, Prune Plum 12 Oz Prune Plum 12 Oz  
Filling, Raspberry 12 Oz Raspberry 12 Oz  
Filling, Wild Blueberry Wild Blueberry  
Ginger Beer  
Ginger Beer Carbonated Beverage  
Kola Champagne  
Kola Champagne  
Lemon Lift Yogurt Coated Energy Bar  
Marshmallow Creme  
Marshmallow Creme