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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Snapple

Name Description Access Level
100% Juice Blend, Fruit Punch Fruit Punch  
100% Juice Blend, Grape Grape  
100% Juice Blend, Green Apple Green Apple  
100% Juice Blend, Orange Mango Orange Mango  
100% Juiced, Fruit Punch 100% juice  
100% Juiced, Grape 100% juice  
100% Juiced, Green Apple 100% juice  
100% Juiced, Melon Berry 100% juice  
100% Juiced, Orange Mango 100% juice  
100% Juiced, Strawberry Lime 100% juice  
Acai Blackberry Juice Drink 10% Juice  
Acai Mixed Berry Red Tea 10% juice; caffeine free  
Agave Cactus Flavored Juice Drink  
Agave Cactus Fruit Drink  
All Natural Peach Tea  
Antioxidant Water, Agave Melon The Power to Restore  
Antioxidant Water, Dragonfruit The Power to Awaken  
Antioxidant Water, Grape Pomegranate The Power to Defy  
Antioxidant Water, Orange Starfruit The Power to Protect  
Antioxidant Water, Strawberry Acai The Power to Awaken  
Apple Juice  
Apple Juice  
Apple Juice Drink  
Apple Juice Drink  
Apple Plum White Tea  
Asian Pear Green Tea  
Black Cherry Lemonade  
Black Cherry Lemonade  
Black Tea, Earl Grey Earl Grey  
Black Tea, Earth, Cherry & Fig  
Black Tea, Fall Spice  
Black Tea, Lady LiberTEA  
Black Tea, Red Raspberry White Peach & Blueberry Tea  
Black Tea, Unsweetened, Honey of an Apple Unsweetened, Honey of an Apple  
Black Tea, Unsweetened, Le-MMM-On Unsweetened, Le-MMM-On  
Blue Fruit Tea  
Bret's Blend Tea Trop-A-Rocka Diet, Bret's Blend Tea Trop-A-Rocka  
Chai, Mandarina  
Cranberry Apple Juice  
Cranberry Raspberry Flavor Juice Drink  
Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink 5% juice  
Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink, Diet 5% juice  
Diet Fruit Drink, Orange Carrot Orange Carrot  
Diet Green Tea  
Diet Green Tea Diet