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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Seasons 52

Name Description Access Level
Add Caremelized Sea Scallops  
Add Lobster Tail  
Add Shrimp Scampi Skillet  
Ahi Tuna Seared Rare Appetizers - Ahi Tuna Seared Rare  
Ahi Tuna Tartare Appetizers - Ahi Tuna Tartare  
All-Natural Chicken BBQ, Summer Poultry & Meat Entrees - All-Natural Chicken BBQ, Summer  
All-Natural Chicken Citron Poultry & Meat Entrees - All-Natural Chicken Citron  
All-Natural Grilled Chicken Pasta, Summer Poultry & Meat Entrees - All-Natural Grilled Chicken Pasta, Summer  
All-Natural Pepperoni Flatbread  
All-Natural Pepperoni Half Flatbread  
All-Natural Quail Poultry & Meat Entrees - All-Natural Quail  
All-Natural Turkey Burger Lunch Items - All-Natural Turkey Burger  
Apple Bourbon Infusion  
Artichoke & Laura Chenel Goat Cheese Flatbread Flatbreads - Artichoke & Goat Cheese  
Artichoke Flatbread  
Artichoke Flatbread  
Artichoke Stuffed Shrimp  
Artichoke-Stuffed Artichoke  
Arugula-Beet Salad w/Almonds  
Arugula-Beet Salad w/Pistachios  
Arugula-Portobello Salad  
Asparagus, Grilled  
Autumn Market Vegetable Plate  
Autumn Vegetarian Tasting Entree Salads - Vegan Tasting, Spring  
Avocado Toast  
Baby Spinach Salad  
Bailey's Irish Creme  
Baked Shrimp Pasta  
BBQ Chicken Salad Entree Salads - BBQ Chicken Salad  
BBQ Chicken Salad, Autumn  
BBQ Chicken Salad, Spring  
BBQ Chicken Salad, Summer  
BBQ Chicken Salad, Winter  
BBQ Grilled Chicken Salad  
BBQ Pork Flatbread  
Beef "Piedmontese" Chili, Bowl  
Beef "Piedmontese" Chili, Cup  
Beef Carpaccio Appetizers - Beef Carpaccio  
Beef Filet Mignon  
Beef, Piedmontese  
Beets with Wasabi Sour Cream  
Belgan Chocolate Rocky Road Mini Indulgences - Belgan Chocolate Rocky Road  
Belgian Chocolate S'More  
Bistro Steak  
Black Bean Soup