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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Schwan's

Name Description Access Level
Signature Ice Cream Bars, Double Chocolate  
Signature Ice Cream Minis, Dark Chocolatey  
Signature Ice Cream, Brownie & Cookie Dough Dream  
Signature Ice Cream, Espresso After Dark  
Signature Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Duet  
Signature ice Cream, Southern Butter Pecan  
Signature Peanut Butter Cup  
Signature Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Mnis  
Signature Vanilla Ice Cream Miniature  
Signature, Alaskan Salmon Fillets  
Signature, Cod Fillets  
Signature, Marinated Salmon Fillets with Grill Flavor  
Signature, Orange Roughy Fillets  
Silver Mint Bars  
Silvermint Ice Cream  
Silvermint Ice Cream  
Single Deep Dish Supreme Pizza  
Single Serve Cheese Pizza  
Single Serve Fruit Packs - Berry  
Single Serve Macaroni & Cheese  
Singles Deep Dish Bacon & Egg Pizza  
Singles Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza  
Singles Deep Dish, Bacon & Egg Pizza  
Singles Deep Dish, Sausage Pizza  
Sirloin Beef Pot Pies  
Sirloin Beef Pot Pies  
Six Cheese Ravioli  
Six Cheese Ravioli  
Six Cheese Tortellini  
Six Cheese Tortellini  
Six-Cheese Ravioli  
Skillet Meal, Cashew Chicken  
Skillet Meal, Cheesy Chicken  
Skillet Meal, Sweet Chili Chicken  
Skinless Franks  
Sliced Beef with Mashed Potatoes  
Sliced Ham  
Sliced Peaches  
Smoothie Fruit Packs - Island Blend  
Snack Rolls BBQ Chicken Flavor  
Snack Rolls Cheeseburger Flavored  
Snack Rolls Pizza Flavor  
Soft Serve Reduced Fat Ice Cream, Chocolate  
Soft Stuffed Pretzels with Cheese  
Soup, Chicken Noodle