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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sbarro

Name Description Access Level
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Muffing Breakfast - Vanilla Chocolate Chip Muffing  
Vegetable Breakfast Stromboli Breakfast - Vegetable Breakfast Stromboli  
Vegetable Breakfast Stuffed Pizza  
Vegetable Pan Pizza SBARRO PAN PIZZA - Vegetable  
Vegetable Pizza 8 Inch Pizzas - Vegetable Pizza  
Vegetable Rice 10oz  
Vegetable Rice 14oz  
Vegetable Rice, 10 oz  
Vegetable Rice, 14 oz  
Vegetarian Scrambled Egg Pizza Breakfast - Vegetarian Scrambled Egg Pizza  
Veggie & Cheese  
Veggie Pan Pizza  
White Cheddar Mac & Cheese  
White Pizza  
White Pizza Pizza SBARRO NEW YORK PIZZA - White Pizza  
Yellow Rice  
Yellow Rice Large 16oz  
Yellow Rice Side 10oz  
Ziti with Chicken