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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sbarro

Name Description Access Level
Pepperoni Pizza, 14 inch  
Pepperoni Stromboli 1 serving  
Pepperoni Stromboli Stromboli SBARRO STROMBOLI - Pepperoni Stromboli  
Pepsi Beverage - Pepsi  
Pepsi Wild Cherry Beverage - Pepsi Wild Cheey  
Pepsi Zero Sugar  
Philly Cheese Steak Stromboli SBARRO STROMBOLI - Philly Cheese Steak  
Philly Steak Stuffed Pizza SBARRO STUFFED PIZZA - Philly Steak  
Pollack Fish Fillets 8 Inch Pizzas - Pollack Fish Fillets  
Potato Wedges  
Quarter Roast Chicken Piece  
Ranch Dipping Sauce  
Ranch Dressing Dressings - Ranch Dressing  
Ranch Dressing Cup SBARRO SALAD DRESSING - Ranch Dressing Cup  
Ranch Dressing PC Dressings - Ranch Dressing PC  
Ranch Salad Dressing  
Rice, Entree  
Roasted Carrots, Large Side  
Roasted Carrots, Regular Side  
Roasted Chicken with Veg & Potatoes 8 Inch Pizzas - Roasted Chicken with Veg & Potatoes  
Roasted Potatoe, 16 oz SBARRO STEAM ENTREES & SIDE DISHES - Roasted Potatoes-16oz.  
Roasted Potatoes Breakfast - Roasted Potatoes  
Roasted Potatoes, 10 oz SBARRO STEAM ENTREES & SIDE DISHES - Roasted Potatoes-10oz.  
Roasted Potatoes, Entree  
Roasted Potatoes, Regular Side  
Roasted Veggie Stromboli, Family Style  
Roasted Veggie Stromboli, Individual  
Roman 16 inch 4-Cheese White Pizza  
Roman 16 inch BBQ Chicken Pizza  
Roman 16 inch Buffalo Chicken Pizza  
Roman 16 inch Double Duo Pizza  
Roman 16 inch Hot +Spicy Pizza  
Roman 16 inch Mama's Meatball Pizza  
Roman 16 inch Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza  
Roman 4-Cheese White Pizza Slice  
Roman BBQ Chicken Pizza Slice  
Roman Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice  
Roman Cheese Pizza Slice  
Roman Classic Hawaiian Pizza Slice  
Roman Double Duo Pizza Slice  
Roman Hot + Spicy Pizza Slice  
Roman Mama's Meatball Pizza Slice  
Roman Meat Primo Pizza Slice  
Roman Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza Slice  
Roman Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza