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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sara Lee

Name Description Access Level
Coconut Premium Layer Cake  
Coffee Cake, Butter Streusel Butter Streusel  
Coffee Cake, Crumb Crumb  
Coffee Cake, Pecan Pecan  
Coffeecake, Cinnamon Pecan  
Colby & Monterey Jack Natural Cheese, Custom Slices Colby & Monterey Jack, Custom Slices  
Cooked Ham  
Corn Dusted Kaiser Buns, Restaurant Style  
Corn Dusted Kaiser Rolls  
Corn Muffin  
Corn Syrup  
Corned Beef  
Country Apple Pie with Sweet Maple Crust  
Country French Bread, Honey Nut & Oat Honey Nut & Oat  
Country French Classic Artisan Style Sandwich Rolls  
Country French, Cracked Wheat Bread Cracked Wheat Bread  
Country French, Sweet Buttermilk Rolls Sweet Buttermilk Rolls  
Country French, Sweet Buttermilk Sandwich Rolls Sweet Buttermilk Sandwich Rolls  
Country Potato Bakery Bread  
Cracked Wheat Bread  
Cranberry Orange Mini Bagels  
Creamy Classic Cheesecake  
Creamy Classic Cheesecake  
Creamy Tiramisu  
Creme Pie, Andes Chocolate Mint Andes Chocolate Mint  
Creme Pie, Chocolate Chocolate  
Creme Pie, Key Lime Key Lime  
Creme Pie, Lemon Meringue Lemon Meringue  
Creme Pies, Lemon Grove Meringue Pie Lemon Grove Meringue Pie  
Creme Pies, Strawberries & Creme Strawberries & Creme  
Crumb Cake  
Crumb Cake  
Crumb Cakes  
Custard Danish  
Danish, Cheese  
Danish, Cheese  
Danish, Cheese  
Danish, Cinnamon  
Danish, Orchard Apple  
Danish, Red Raspberry  
Deep Dish Pies, Caramel Applenut Pie Caramel Applenut Pie  
Deli Meat, Cracked Pepper Breast of Turkey Cracked Pepper Breast of Turkey  
Deli Meat, Deli meat, Breast of Chicken Deli meat, Breast of Chicken  
Deli Meat, Oven Roasted Breast of Turkey Oven Roasted Breast of Turkey  
Deli Style Thick Sliced, Whole Wheat Whole Wheat