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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Santa Barbara Olive Co.

Name Description Access Level
Anchovy Stuffed Olives  
Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives  
Brussels Sprouts, with Red Pepper Flakes  
California Garlic Mediterranean Olive Medley  
California Jumbo Pitted Ripe Olives  
California Sun Dried Olives  
Chipotle Stuffed Olives  
Chunky Olive Salsa, Medium Medium  
Feta Kalamata Olives  
Garlic Olives, Hand Stuffed  
Hand Stuffed Bleu Cheese Olives  
Hand Stuffed Jalapeno & Garlic Olives  
Hand Stuffed Jalapeno & Garlic Olives, 5 Oz 5 Oz  
Hand Stuffed Jalapeno Olives  
JalapeA+-o Olives  
Martini Gift Set, Assorted Assorted  
Mushroom Stuffed Olives  
Olive Salsa, Chunky, Hot Chunky, Hot  
Olive, Green W/jalapeno  
Olive, Green W/pimento, Martini  
Olives, Blue Cheese Stuffed 5 Oz Blue Cheese Stuffed 5 Oz  
Olives, California Large Pitted  
Olives, Country Style  
Olives, Garlic Stuffed California Black Garlic Stuffed California Black  
Olives, Habanero Stuffed, Very Hot Habanero Stuffed, Very Hot  
Olives, Hickory Smoked  
Olives, Italian Style  
Olives, Jalapeno Stuffed  
Olives, Kosher Style  
Olives, Mexican Style  
Olives, Pitted Cajun  
Olives, Pitted California Green Medium Pitted California Green Medium  
Olives, Pitted Garlic  
Olives, Pitted Jalapeño  
Olives, Stuffed W/Sun Dried Tomatoes 5 Oz Stuffed W/Sun Dried Tomatoes 5 Oz  
Olives, Stuffed With Feta Cheese 5 Oz Stuffed With Feta Cheese 5 Oz  
Olives, Sun Dried Black  
Olives, W/Anchovies 5 Oz W/Anchovies 5 Oz  
Olives, Wine Cured  
Onion Stuffed Olives  
Pearls, Small  
Pimento Martini Olives  
Pimento Martini Olives  
Pitted Green Olives  
Pitted Green Olives