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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Safeway


Name Description Access Level
No Stick Cooking Spray, Vegetable Oil No Stick, Vegetable Oil  
No Stick Vegetable Oil Cooking Spray  
No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix  
Non Dairy Creamer  
Non Dairy Hazelnut Creamer  
Non-Dairy Creamer, Irish Cream Irish Cream  
Non-Dairy Creamer, Lite, Original Lite, Original  
Northwest Grain Bread 8 Grain  
Nut Toppings  
Nut Toppings  
Nutritional Drink High Protein, Chocolate Chocolate  
Nutritional Drink High Protein, Vanilla Vanilla  
Nutritional Drink Plus, Strawberry  
Oat And Honey Cereal  
Oats And Almonds Cereal  
Oats And More With Strawberries Cereal  
Obrien Potatoes  
Oil All Natural Vegetable  
Oil Canola  
Oil Corn  
Oil Vegetable  
Okra, Cut Cut  
Okra, Whole Whole  
Old Fashioned Syrup Old Fashioned  
Old Fashioned White Dinner Rolls  
Olives, Extra Large, Pitted Ripe Extra Large, Pitted Ripe  
Olives, Large, Pitted Ripe Large, Pitted Ripe  
Olives, Manzanilla Manzanilla  
Olives, Manzanilla, Stuffed with Pimento Manzanilla, Stuffed with Pimento  
Olives, Manzanilla, Stuffed with Pimientos Manzanilla, Stuffed with Pimientos  
Olives, Pitted Ripe, Colossal Pitted Ripe, Colossal  
Olives, Pitted Ripe, Medium Pitted Ripe, Medium  
Olives, Queen, Stuffed with Pimiento Queen, Stuffed with Pimiento  
Olives, Ripe, Chopped Ripe, Chopped  
Olives, Ripe, Sliced Ripe, Sliced  
Olives, Ripe, Sliced Ripe, Sliced  
Olives, Salad Salad  
Onion Rings  
Onions, Chopped Chopped  
Orange Diet Soda  
Orange Juice  
Orange Juice, 100% Pure 100% Pure  
Orange Juice, 100% Pure, Calcium & Vitamin D 100% Pure, Calcium & Vitamin D  
Orange Juice, 100% Pure, No Pulp 100% Pure, No Pulp  
Orange Juice, 100% Pure, No Pulp 100% Pure, No Pulp